A nice and short name, Hana has dual roots, both in Hebrew and Japanese which means flower or blossom. Parisa is an Arabic name which means like a fairy. A Japanese name, Kaede is perfect for the autumn babies as it refers to a maple leaf. Such as the Hollywood actress Camilla Belle and Bella from the famous character of the Twilight Saga, names meaning beautiful has already become a trend in the famed arena. According to Babylonian mythology, Belinda was the goddess of heaven and earth.

It has the much required warmth and compassion in it which is needed in today’s society. Many of these names are less than common. Its Gaelic meaning is beautiful or handsome, while in Hawaiian it means Beautiful Spirit. Keeping celebrity names for babies is a style statement! To make the name-searching job more exciting you can turn to various cultures and communities of the world which have words meaning beautiful. Name your daughter after that and let her understand your intention. Trying to find a name for a baby girl can be incredibly hard.

The publication of C. M. Yonge's novel, 'The Heir of Redclyffe' (1854), featured a characters named Mabel and Amabel. Anahi is probably made most familiar to... Read More.

Browse through some more Muslim baby girl names. Ifwanderlust is one of your main keywords in life, then Rahele should be your child’s name. Although the name might sound new, it has been used in England since long having made many appearances in British literature such as in Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, to Charles Dickens Vicar of Wakefield and quite recently in Harry Potter. The name originated in Britain and means “she who was born on the island of Britain”. This female name of English origin means “lover of the horse”. Parents never get tired of praising their children and here comes the name for it, Madiha. Since a baby hardly understands the meaning of her name, she grows up to learn it.

A classic name - any woman would be proud to be named Diana. Feronia - This name is a goddess of the forest. Once again, a quite uncommon name, Violet refers to a happy girl.

It is full of passion and anger. This Latin origin name is a popular character of Harry Potter movies. The Latin name Jude became quite a rage when it was used by Pink Floyd in their songs. It means giver and has Hawaiian roots.

Helen is derived from the ancient Greek name Ἑλένη Helenē of unknown etymology. A child is certainly the purest soul and naming them Pristine would definitely be an apt choice. Carey - This name has Gaelic origins and means "black. Wahenoor is a name usually attributed to Sikhism. Scanning has been the backbone to digital document management system for a long time.

The name is generally not used as a name in France, though it is a popular first for women in the US.

Happy naming!

Naming of the child is the most fundamental Hindu “sanskar” or scripture-based norm. It implies love, friendship, and romance. How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business, 10 Reasons Why Monochrome Movies are the Best, 10 Things You Can Only Experience (and Never See) in Life.

Aretha Franklin - a songstress par extraordinaire - her voice has captivated and enthralled generations and will continue to mesmerize future generations to come. Naming a baby after her grandmother was once in vogue. Naming a child is no less than a spiritual practice. Well, if you like the name, jump on it now, because once word gets out, Amaris is going to be quite popular! A Welsh name, Ceridwen implies a person who is blessed or poetry! The name means “Beautiful,” “loving” and “lovable,” which is exactly what you’ll think of your daughter. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. If you have a fondness for quirky and fun things, whimsical baby girl names would be perfect for you.

Having a name which means smile would just add to the pleasure.

If youre thinking about what to name your new baby, consider these 10 baby names that sound great, and also happen to mean beautiful. A melodious name which refers to the Indian classical music, Raaga is indeed a unique choice. This sweet name has many great meanings such as “melody”, “lioness of God”, or “noble”. No, we don’t mean chilli. Other notable people bearing this name are Kylie Tennant (novelist), Kylie Morris (Australian newsreader), Kylie Travis (Australian actress). The name originated from the Welsh male name Bryn meaning “a hill”. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. The beautiful baby girl name of Amaris may be one that you have never even heard. Why not name her the same?

If you like all things witchy, dark, and maybe a little Gothic, this is certainly the list for you.

From Amaya to Crimson to Zelda, you have a variety of options.

With about 14 variants namely: Arete, Areta, Aretina, Arethusa, Aretta, Arletha, Arette, Laretha, Oretha, Oreta, Oretta, Orette, Reatha and Retha, Aretha is quite a popular name. Other intriguing names that mean beautiful include Mika, Nomi, Callista, and Rumi. It is a Sanskrit/Hindu name and is quite popular in South Asia. Famous people known by the name Mabel: Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau (member of the Dutch royalty), Mabel Albertson (American character actress), Mabel Besant-Scott (British occultist), Mabel King (American singer and actress), Mabel Mercer(singer). Ekko is the word from which the contemporary word ‘echo’ has been derived. It has roots in the Urdu language. An Urdu name, Wafa, means loyalty and faithfulness. Giving your baby girl a dark but beautiful name means there's a better chance for originality. Russian for squirrel, Belka is a chirpy and cheerful name for your baby girl. As a first name for women, Astrid is quite prominent, but it is rarely found as a last name. The name has an adorable and a sassy vibe to it, doesn’t it? Allen is the spelling of this name -- other common spellings are Alan and Allan -- most associated with the surname;... Read More, The name Amara is a girl's name of Italian, Greek, African origin meaning "grace or bitter".

Beautiful baby names might literally mean beauty or beautiful, such as Astrid and Bella, but also includes those with meanings like handsome and fair. In some regions, the name is also said to mean famous! It means “the famous ruler”.

Fae are often mischievous fairies. Nina is a Native American name which has the meaning of strong and powerful. Aden Aden is a name with Hebrew origins that … Famous people with the name include: Jamila Gavin (British writer), Jamila Wideman (American basketball player), Jamila Jemstone (Nigerian singer), Jamila Madeira ( Portuguese politician). It means a traveller.

Any name that ends in “bella” reminds people of the Latin meaning beautiful. This is a beautiful girl’s name of Spanish origin. The name Rafika fits perfectly then as it means friend in Arabic. Obscure Girl Names Alouette: Lark Alexina: Defending men Belva: Beautiful view Caricia: Caress Fayette: Faith Galiana: Calm healer Jacinda: Hyacinth Kalilah: Beloved Leontine: Lion Meliora… Here, we present 30 sassy names for you to choose from for your little diva. Venus is the perfect sassy name for baby girls.

Every parent wants their child to have the courage to face every wrong with determination.

Adalina: Adalina is a lyrical name and means ‘little noble’.

These beautiful baby names for girls all mean “gift” or “blessing,” and the variety of name origins in this special collection can give your baby name list a boost. While the short form of Amabel and amabel were widely used during the Middle Ages its usage became rare after the 15th century. An enthralling name, Oba refers to the river goddess in African culture. © 2010-2020 Parenting.FirstCry.com. This is a beautiful girl’s name of Spanish origin.

Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and associated with childbirth, forests and hunting was the original holder of this name, but when people hear the name Diana, the first image that comes to their mind is that of Diana, Princess of Wales who was as comfortable meeting world leaders as she was of wearing protective vests to fight against landmines.

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The name Bellinda- a distant cousin of Melinda and Linda, is experiencing quite a resurgence today having entered the list of Top 1000 names in 2013. We all want our kids to grow up to be successful adults.

If you wish to instill spark in the life of your baby girl right from birth, name her Levina, an English name meaning flash or lightning.

Check out our picks below! If chastity and purity are virtues you abide by, then this is your pick as it means the same.

With aspects of ultimate spirituality attached, who could avoid this name? It can still be found pervading continents and regions due to its neutral etymology.

", Zelda - This Old German name means "dark battle. Margaux is a name with French roots and has the calming meaning of pearl. But, look at the very name. The name has French origins.

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