cor fluctuatur: ira pietatem fugat That he might be slain as her own had been. A king’s son-in-law has commanded it; I’ll not refuse. exul errabit Thetidis maritus; 63. Not affiliated with Harvard College. [616] Punishment the challenged ocean claims.      fonte timendo.

[1016] Enjoy a slow revenge, hasten not, my grief; mine is the day; we are but using the allotted99 time. non ubi impellit Rhodanus profundum, 430 robur uirile est, nulla famae memoria, amor timere neminem uerus potest.

quid, anime, cessas?      funde per auras, sua quisque piger litora tangens

non quos pleno lucida uultu Jason. The palce to wound him is laid bare. exul pauens inuisus incerti laris, Medea, die Triebtäterin, umgibt eine Aura aus Schrecken und Faszination. In the body of the living son. habeo flammas usto tauri Thou dost love him still, mad one, if ‘tis enough for thee that Jason wifeless be. I will storm the gods, and shake the universe. The Chorus describes the fury of a woman scorned, and recounts the sad end of many of the Argonauts, including Hercules who ended his days accidentally poisoned by his jealous wife, Deianeira. armifero in aruo flammeum Aeetae pecus,      Cor pepulit horror, membra torpescunt gelu ‘Tis well! fas omne cedat, abeat expulsus pudor;                              900 MEDEA will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. meet in pectus uenasque calor, Seneca‘s Medea does not see herself as “just a woman” to whom tragedy will happen, but as a vibrant, vengeful spirit, fully in control of her own destiny, and determined to punish those who have wronged her. manet noster sanguis ad aras: Chorvs Quonam cruenta maenas He complains that his father,35 palsied and weak with age, burdened with years, was taken off, and the murdered old man’s limbs torn asunder, when, deceived by thy guile, his36 pious sisters dared an impious crime. docet maritus coniuges, non est meum: 57. et ipsa propero. [840] My prayers are heard: thrice has bold Hecate bayed loud, and has raised the accursèd fire with its baleful light.

34. i.e. Creo Iam exisse decuit. pretiosa per quos dona nubenti feram. uocetur Hecate.      quaeritur Argo++ Pluto. 115 non erat usus, nondum pluuias aequum licet statuerit, haud aequus fuit. manda dolori. [6] Medea escapes in a dragon chariot while she throws the bodies of the boys down. Medea is a fabula crepidata (Roman tragedy with Greek subject) of about 1027 lines of verse written by Seneca. constitit nulli uia nota magno: Pelion densa spoliauit umbra, JASON coniugis fatum redimens Pheraei                              662 In the same way, Seneca’s Medea makes the events around her happen, forcing the dragon-drawn chariot to come down to her rather than waiting for them to come of their own accord or relying on godly intervention.      non rediturus. 9.1", "denarius") All Search Options [view abbreviations] Home Collections/Texts Perseus Catalog Research Grants Open Source About Help. sic cum sole perit sidereus decor,                              95 proles fulminis improbi regi minatur ultro. Medea Di coniugales tuque genialis tori, assuesce, manus, stringere ferrum
     mare sepositum. quidquid potest Medea, quidquid non potest. The Miller translations of Seneca's tragedies are no longer in print having been replaced in the Loeb Classical Library series by those of John Finch. Nutrix Pauet animus, horret: magna pernicies adest. [3] She was sent by the gods to punish Jason for his sins. Medea-Tragödien von Euripides und Seneca. Iason Suspecta ne sint, longa colloquia amputa. utrumque regno pelle. NURSE fas est precari: noctis aeternae chaos, Hyadas poterat uitare ratis, utinam superbae turba Tantalidos meo non Oleniae lumina caprae, pro te solebam fugere++discedo, exeo, [494] In urging this upon me, thou art Creusa’s advocate; thou wouldst remove the rival whom she hates. Iason Et quis resistet, gemina si bella ingruant,                              525 MEDEA, daughter of Aeëtes, king of Colchis, and wife of Jason. Thou imposest exile on an exile, but givest no place. sum nocens, fateor, Creo:      quem Nessus expirans dedit. For, although I am overwhelmed by piteous disaster, an exile, suppliant, lonely, forsaken, on all sides buffeted, once I had glory from my noble father, and from my grandsire, the Sun, traced illustrious descent. 180 [1009] If this hand could be satisfied with the death of one, it would have sought no death at all. And do thou,11 who the torches of lawful marriage attendest, dissipating the night with propitious hand, hither come, reeling with drunken footstep, binding thy temples with garlands of roses. [380] Dear child, whither hurriest thou abroad? JASON NURSE MEDEA tanto petitus ambitu, tanto datus? Robinson Jeffers: Medea drama z roku 1946, vznikla přebásněním antické předlohy. Haec cum femineo constitit in choro, raptum et nefandae uirginis paruus comes

Naught have I done as yet; whatever crime I’ve done is lost unless he sees it. adesse sacris tempus est, Phoebe, tuis. MESSENGER First of all, Tiphys, the tamer of the deep, gave up control to an untrained helmsman; dying on a foreign shore, far from his ancestral realm, in a paltry tomb he lies midst unfamiliar shades.      noua nupta faces. [997] Nay, Jason, heap up for thy sons their last funeral pyre; build them a tomb.

Through unknown cities may he wander, in want, in exile, in fear of life, hated and homeless; may he seek hospitality at strange doors, by now a familiar applicant; may he desire me for wife, and, that which I can pray nothing worse, may his children be like their sire and like their mother. These plants felt the knife while Phoebus was making ready the day; the shoot of that was clipped at midnight; while this was severed by finger-nail with muttered charm. This motif remains present until the end of the play when Jason addresses the gods and blames them for everything he had suffered. totas opes effundit et quidquid diu uires et artes. decus illud ingens Graeciae et florem inclitum, nunc, nunc adeste sceleris ultrices deae, Creo Aequum atque iniquum regis imperium feras. This day shall do, shall do that whereof no day shall e’er be dumb. Medea Tua illa, tua sunt illa: cui prodest scelus,                              500 590 hoc age! clarumque Titan diuidens orbi diem,                              5 omnibus uerax, sibi falsus uni

conferte tela, uertite ex imo domum. JASON The play is about the vengeance of Medea against her betraying husband Jason and King Creon. Medea calls him a liar, saying he is guilty of many crimes, and asks to be able to take her children with her in her flight. iubete sileat. perfusus rubuit, sic nitidum iubar                              100 [173] Perchance I shall find means to stay him. rumpe iam segnes moras: MEDEA

ille si uere cecinit futura, Chr.) Die Ausgangssituation in der Medea Senecas 329 men.2 Unbestritten ist, daß Seneca die Medeia des Euripides kann- te und auch Passagen aus ihr übernahm.3 Aus diesem aber zu folgern, daß sie auch sein Modell gewesen ist, birgt die Gefahr, nun si quod est crimen, meum est: manesque ad imos ire securas iube: squamosa gemini colla serpentes iugo Iason Sana meditari incipe 890 In order to climb the political ladder, Jason (the leader of the Argonauts) leaves Medea for Creusa, the daughter of King Creon. raptus, heu, tutas puer inter undas? Medea falls in love with Jason while he is on his quest for the Golden Fleece and uses her supernatural powers to aid him in completing the tasks that King Aeëtes, her father, had set. prolusit dolor 530 orbem circuitis cornibus alligat. With these ashes the pyre on Oeta sank down which drank in the poisoned blood of Hercules.

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