"Inheritance" is a direct to video mystery with a mostly unknown cast except for an almost unrecognizable Simon Pegg. WIN a smile transformation with Invisalign, Here's how you can holiday on an EXCLUSIVE private island, Why Cornwall's CLC Trenython Manor is top of our UK staycation wishlist. Spoilers ahead. There were some minor plot and technical issues, but the 111 min runtime with its on point pacing, held my interest and kept me in suspense. She does what she feels is needed to right a wrong. I understand Lauren's motivations for her actions. The plot was stupid and the characters was all badly written. The movie sees Lily play Lauren Monroe, the daughter of a wealthy political figure who has recently passed away – but it was a different character that sparked a reaction from fans.

A man in a bunker, she inherits that and not much else from her rich dad. This movie has gotten consistently mediocre to poor ratings from various professional viewers. Lauren was trying to stay true to her on self-imposes convictions. The directing and score were decent, and cinematography was great.

Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox. Please don't waste your time. | By the end of the movie when everything is revealed you have one desire - spit into the screen and forget that you ever saw this. I'm really not sure theres a film out there that will please some people. Father suddenly dies and leaves a very big surprise for daughter. Every scene in this is as painful and slow as possible.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable drama/thriller I'd recommend, especially considering the slim-pickings of films available during the Corona virus. Oh, I could break it down, but why bother? Simons character was being punished a fate worse than death. Insanely sluggish 2 hour dumb piece of cinema. Wanting to believe she had achieved what she had on her own. ", A second person wrote: "OMG!! Like this story? She's supposed you be so smart and rough but she got played anyway. Not recommend to watch. By Hannah Hoolihan May 22, 2020 I enjoyed watching it to the last minute! The latter of them was one of their best sells, and anchors. Viewers have all had a very similar response to Lily Collin's film Inheritance, currently streaming on Netflix. @simonpegg in Inheritance!!

Who knows. Tho also implausible because she couldn't have been 30. So, her 'dad' held her bio dad in captivity in a dark hole in the ground for 30 years? Pure wasting of time. Maybe it was even a slasher film repurposed as a thriller at some point.

"Inheritance" - seemingly a lesser "Parasite" by trailer, with a poster oddly similar to "Cloverfield" films, and an anti-typecast Simon Pegg. The show has proved a huge hit with viewers and has quickly become one of the most-watched series. However, the division of the inheritance does not go smoothly, and Lauren eventually finds prisoner Morgan and soon discovers a secret murder that her father has kept hidden for years.

The film tells the story of Archer Monroe, a wealthy politician who has recently passed away and whose estate is divided amongst his family. Taking to social media, viewers commented on Simon Pegg's performance in the film as Morgan Warner, a stranger who had been held in captivity for thirty years. Fine, you can forgive that one maybe since it launches the story but it's followed by too many subsequent implausibilities you'd have to look past to really enjoy the story itself. Picture tom & jerry's holey cheese, those are the exact representation of the plot holes. Simon Pegg Entertains as the Movie Descends into Cliches and Silliness, The 7 star is for the awesomeness that is Mr.Pegg. A hard to believe story. … It appears decent because it creates suspense that doesn't deliver, with serious plot holes that makes every actor unconvincing. That and other plausibility problems take you out of important moments and make this a so-so storytelling when it could've and should've been worth an 8 or 9 rating. For instance, the whole initial premise that her father barely if at all really briefed her on the terrible responsibility of her inheritance just because someone might be listening in is ludicrous. Very disappointing movie! I actually enjoyed this movie for the most part even though the idea that someone had spent 30 years in the hole is pretty far fetched but it was the two main actors, Lilly and Simon that carried this film to a watchable event. The film stars Lily Collins, Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford and Patrick Warburton. I think it's worth a look. All just to get some inkling of approval. I love the man, but not in this role. That is why I watch movies. Brilliant film. This movie is the kind that you'd find yourself enjoy it more IF you can ignore the plot holes. Inheritance (2020) is a very basic thriller plot painfully stretched over almost 2 hours handled by the most dimwitted slasher-movie-meat characters you will ever see. Those were the first three thoughts occurring to me right before I strolled into the movie. I don't know why some people said that it was bad! ", MORE: Lily Collins' wedding dress: 5 clues as to what she will wear, MORE: Viewers are saying the same thing about Netflix's Emily in Paris.

You could do way worse.

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