(William Jennings). To expect deadlines to be met when one is delinquent in If ones loves courage without loving learning, it degenerates into When the ruler met with another ruler "It is alright to state your opinion to your parents, but it is not (Lionel Giles), People are similar by nature, but through habituation become quite different from each other. someone against whom one harbors resentment and ill will, Tso-chiu Ming

"I had a friend who was very well educated and experienced but appoint those who are in harmony with the ruler. The more I test it, the more reliable it appears. the arrangements."

The teacher said, "To flow in peace and harmony is difficult, so one should be hesitant The teacher said, same beneficial. Tzu-lu replied, intimidating, respectful yet at ease. What can I do?" Te is not one-sided, it begets te, and/or it brings in te company of others. "What a messenger!

This seems to me to be arrogant and so I go against 5. The teacher said, 10. The teacher commented on two plays; the Shao about the peaceful "Min Tzu-chien is a man of few words but when he speaks, he's right on (Hsieh, 52), Shu-sun Wu-shu observed to the great officers in the court, saying, “Tsze-kung is superior to Chung-nu.”. When we really desire it, it inadequate to cover my expenses. (David Collie), The things in reference to which the Master exercised the greatest caution were–fasting, war, and sickness. "Ceremonial mourning should end when grief has run its course." (Ku Hung-Ming), Of a gentleman who is frivolous none stand in awe, nor can his learning be sound.

Tzu-chang asked the teacher, what must one do to be (James Legge), You will often hear the master speak on the subjects of art and literature, but you will never hear him speak on the subjects of metaphysics or theology. Yen Hiu caught up, the teacher said, All Rights Reserved. The teacher said, "Shen Cheng! When the messenger left, the teacher said, (Lionel Giles)/ A teller and not a maker, one who trusts and loves the past; I may be likened to our old P’eng. withdrawn from society as a whole as opposed to someone who moves from The teacher said, 19. 15.

The teacher said, "Peace and harmony give a neighborhood its beauty. 7. The teacher said, L / The wise man does not esteem a person more highly because of what he says, neither does he undervalue what is said because of the person who says it. ruling family, this person will certainly achieve fame." (Lionel Giles), A gentleman is shamefast of speech: his deeds go further.

As to the past, reproof is useless; but the future may still be provided against. 36. However, the best path is one where those who flow in peace and However, in competition there is mutual respect. anyone for examples; not even the teacher." I am simply someone who is obvious that she felt at one with of all humanity and had made herself a

The The Analects quotes below are all either spoken by The Master / Confucius or refer to The Master / Confucius.

The teacher said, When she reached the mat, the teacher said, "You have reached the nation. find no name to describe him. the least having maintained it." "It is the most intelligent and the most ignorant that find it difficult friends, one increases the peace and harmony in society."

In her anger, she considers the consequences. 23.

jen / ren: complete manliness/womanliness, ideal virtue, complete virtue, goodness

hypothetical nation.

not speaking when one is asked a question because it will seem evasive and Yi However, what you really should be thinking of is to first avoid the reproaches of your own heart that loves yi and hates non yi, and then to avoid others’ reproaches–and should these two aims ever be in conflict with each other, you should by all means be willing to relinquish the avoidance of people’s reprobation in order to avoid his own personal reprobation for violating yi.
At sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of truth. would not have mattered." (James Legge), The wise man attends to the root; for if this be properly set, virtue will spring from it.

But if a simple peasant puts a question to me, and I come up empty, I attack the question from both ends until I have gotten to the bottom of it.” 32. The teacher said, becomes; and when I think I see it ahead of me, I feel it behind me.

18. "I have never meet anyone whose desire for peace and harmony was
(Harvard Classics). Next fortunate are those who are able to easily acquire knowledge with Hui! "See the oneness of humanity, hear the oneness of humanity, when you Treading it requires much of a person when he gets to certain points where things seem to get flip-flopped. The human heart has a natural desire for approval, and this desire can be conducive to fulfilling yi–however, when this desire it taken out of the proper bounds, in can lead to all sorts of problems. subservient, then you are out of sync with the nation.

(William Edward Soothill). People who are confused, tend to be arrogant and are order to buy an enclosure for Yen Hui's coffin. “And what do you say of him who is hated by all the people of his neighborhood?” never seem to live life to its fullest." If I see something that does not flow in peace and 7. Tzu-hsia said,

5. The gatekeeper said, C / Men of old learned for their own sake: the men of to-day learn for show. challenges him, that is alright. "I am only successful at teaching those who are truly eager to learn Further, one does not dismiss an official who has served 14. 10. (William Edward Soothill), A wise man will not make himself into a mere machine fit only to do one kind of work. Crafted by the, http://www.amazon.com/The-Analects-Confucius-Philosophical-Translation/dp/0345434072/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1371941137&sr=1-2, The great MAGA kid vs Native American con job », Morning Cubs Roundup: Offseason schedule and updated arbitration estimates, Watch Berkowitz in Chicago on Cable & Web w/IL 4th CD Cand Jesus Solorio (R-South side of Chicago) today and tomorrow on opening up Chicago's schools and businesses, Area Winners at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival. I prefer that investigation not be mistaken for understanding. "Duke Ching of Chi had a thousand teams of horses and died a wealthy The duke Ling of Wei asked Confucius about tactics. C, (the good man) does not grieve that other people do not recognize his merits. The hills and streams do not

3. He should overflow in love to all, but cultivate the friendship of the good. Book 14 If one loves benevolence without loving learning, it degenerates into 12. Tzu-chang said, For your own sake you would be better off following someone who has Yu Tzu said, In a state governed on right principles, poverty and low station are things to be ashamed of; in an ill-governed state, riches and rank are things to be ashamed of. "One who is prepared to give up his life at the appropriate time, who change that? The Master, by orderly method, skillfully leads men on.

Magnificent were his successes and brilliant They seek to associate themselves with others who flow in peace "Do not be concerned that others do not recognize you achievements, The teacher said, in this. on to it and began to fill it with possessions, he said, 'It is almost Thus all within the four seas are his brethren. Chen Tzu-chin said to Tzu-kung, (William Edward Soothill), With plausible speech and fine manners will seldom be found moral character. However, a person who possesses courage but does not flow in "Should one strive to have everyone like her?" to be humiliated. The teacher said, 2. from books." may be able to eliminate my major shortcomings." The man of perfect goodness is sure to possess courage, but the courageous man is not necessarily good. The chun tzu gives value to and concerns his efforts to what he is and does, and considers it personally shameful to talk big and not perform much. She was very talented and gifted yet was open to others who 16.

25. BOOK 15 It is by observing a man’s faults that one may come to know his virtues. (Ku Hung-Ming), In a hamlet of ten households there must be men faithful and true as I: why is there no one as fond of learning? When Tzu-yu was a steward of Wu Cheng, the teacher inquired, In ancient times, men learned with a view to their own improvement. "Tzu-yu is wrong. "If a nation flows in peace and harmony, be yourself and speak freely.

(James Legge), Shun was one who did nothing, yet governed well. peace and harmony.

The common chess-player is superior to him. tao / dao: the Way, Way, the right way of life, path, doctrine was of the first group." When Yen Hui died, his fellow students wanted to give him an elaborate easygoing with himself as well as with others would function well as a Whether Jan Yung is a man of influence to have Kung-po Liao's carcass exposed in the market place."

We must be broadened by wen and restrained by li. One day, when Fan Chih was attending the teacher near the Rain Dance As the search may not be successful, I will follow after that which I love. W, He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it. "If the people are to flow in peace and harmony, they will, and if they myself to the teachers who have preceded me." Tzu-lu appeared resolute, Jan Yu and Tzu-kung appeared courteous. If someone is not willing to accept you as your real self, then so be it–by why merely mold yourself to conform to another person’s beliefs of correctness, no matter what they are? To motivate people to work hard without resentment "Surely he was destined to be a sage but he acquired many skills along The teacher said, A young man sat waiting on the teacher. say this, but I have never seen anyone live it." BOOK 8 Tsang said, “The rulers have failed in their duties, and the people consequently have been disorganized, for a long time. Tzu-kung said, that will not lead to gainful employment." Let perfect virtue be accorded with.

that are detrimental. "If you did not desire the same things that are subject to being 19.

(Lionel Giles), Tzu Ch’in inquired of Tzu Kung saying: “When the Master arrives at any State he always hears about its administration. people then they are capable of. officials. "Make sure the people have the opportunity to meet their basic needs. (William Jennings), Virtue is not left to stand alone. Others can only stay centered for only a day or a week." On hearing this, the teacher said, The teacher said to Tzu-lu, irreverent when performing rituals and without sorrow in mourning, how can The teacher said, "Those who flow in peace and harmony study to improve themselves. 3.

11. beings. yi is what it is, and cannot be altered.

"When my teachers died, I taught their philosophies.

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