Outstanding! Any operation that needs to control access to keys can benefit from the range of key management solutions offered by KEYper® Systems. and reports all transactions. Doing so improves curb appeal, enhances their image, generates higher rents and revenue in a competitive market, and improves operating efficiencies. Only authorized persons (tenants in this case) will have entry once the key fob has been successfully read by the key reader. Mobile Alerts is fantastic feature that most home security systems for apartments offer. Memphis, If you wish, you can automatically program resident cards for access to all common areas, or you can leave certain areas off limits most of the time. Best of luck on your apartment search! By keeping the doors to your apartment building perpetually locked, you ensure no unwanted visitors can make their way inside. State Systems is one of the top names in this line of business. For access control system installations in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas, call Marshall’s Locksmith! Reports may be accessed Online, You’ll meet new people, discover new restaurants, explore new parks, and attend new... Moving into your first apartment is great! No Contracts and NO AUTO-RENEWALS, which make good business sense for you. With HandyTrac, you get instant access to your property's key control status, Activate or deactivate relay-controlled equipment. Yale Assure YRD216 Electronic Push Button Deadbolt Lock $ 129.00 Select options. You could be charged a fee for making someone come and let you in when the leasing office is closed, on top of the amount you could be required to fork over for a new lock and keys. Comprehensive Key Management Systems from Keytracker. CALL US TODAY AT 1-888-685-1040. I have seen Chris McGoey several times as a security expert on TV so I was curious to hear his Crime School podcast. OUR KEY CONTROL SYSTEM WILL SAVE YOUR DEALERSHIP VALUABLE TIME & MONEY. Multi-Family Locks & Access Systems. The landlord supplies the locks and keys and therefore, a resident must rely on management to have re-keyed the door lock and to have secured the back-up and master key. AL License # A-0537, State Systems acquires Columbia-based Fire-Tek, Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems. Apartment key fobs are convenient and small, fitting well on a key ring. I’m Lauren Ross, a copywriter here at Apartments.com. The practice of tapping a card reader to get through the front door of an office building is an everyday occurrence for many businesspeople. Master keying (not to be confused with Master Lock brand locks) is a system in which one key can open multiple locks. Thanks Chris! Always re-key or replace the unit door locks at turnover, Always eliminate or limit the use of the master key, Always keep the backup keys in a locked key box, Always code the keys not to reflect the unit number, Always secure the code sheet and key box key separately, Always keep a log of who checks out a backup key, Always keep two keys on a hook for quick daily visual inventory, Always keep the key-cutting machine and key blanks secure, Always lock the room or closet that houses the key box, Always set the office burglar alarm after-hours, Evaluating Crime Foreseeability and Inadequate Security Cases. Look over your lease agreement for the actual amount you might owe for a replacement apartment key. Situations where he or she might need access inside your place include emergencies, inspections, and fulfilling maintenance requests with proper notice given. No one can identify which key goes to which door without authorized access through There are a variety of apartment keys and lock systems that communities can install on their property nowadays. printed directly from your system, or processed by your PC. Great to have his expertise coming to us directly through his podcast interviews. Contact us for complete details. A resident gives up some rights when they move onto a multifamily rental property. Instead of prying open the mailbox door (don’t, it’s illegal! All Rights Reserved. When you finally get your keys, the community rules surrounding your apartment keys are outlined in your lease agreement. Remote video patrols to make regular video sweeps across a property covering more area in less time than guards alone. Keep up the good work. Ready to learn all about your apartment keys? The KEYper® Mechanical Key Control System is a Key Board that holds from 5 to 150 key plugs. Proper security and management of keys is necessary to protect the individuals who entrust their care and their assets to you. You are dealing with a reputable company that knows how to take…, Memphis, TN Office It’s easy and it’s free, and you can unsubscribe anytime you want (although we hope you won’t want to). It is one of the best sources of information concerning crime, security, and ways of making your home and business safe. The individualized Access Peg remains locked in the board until the key is then returned to its location. If you own or manage a residential building, you may be keen on installing an access control system. Employ Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC). Moving to a new city is exciting. Columbia, Conway, Get familiar with the keys to your apartment stat – and try really hard not to lose them in the process either. If you maintain a master key that unlocks all the units, then you must take even greater steps to control access to this key. Chris is an industry expert with real world experience. On most properties, the resident, per the lease agreement, cannot add or replace the lock on their door unless management is given an extra key. You might provide added benefits to your tenants by offering access to certain common areas, such as a community pool, fitness facility, or lounge area. Keys can be quickly deactivated if lost, stolen, or damaged. If you’re based in the Mid-South, contact us today to learn more about access control systems for apartment complexes. Keys have custom codes so no two renters have the same one. Hello! One of the many responsibilities of apartment managers is being the “keeper of the keys to the castle,” so to speak. Maybe you lost a mailbox key? Two Tags Per Hook - This option allows you to keep Need a more cost-sensitive property management key storage solution? I blame the master key system. These changes are easy to make, and having full control of your apartment’s access and security features is empowering. Now this convenient, cutting-edge and educational podcast. A manager assumes a duty of key control if tenants are required by the lease to submit their unit key. The helpful and timely alerts are typically sent via text, email, and even by phone. Wall Mounted - Saves space. Multifamily properties are embracing the latest keyless entry system for apartment buildings and advanced security technologies to differentiate their communities and deliver next-generation experiences to residents. HandyTrac System saved enough time and money to pay for itself in less than 8 months. 5 Tips For Moving into Your First Apartment. Schedule your online demo today. To solve this dilemma, you should keep the main entrance doors unlocked during business hours. It does not constitute professional advice. In each case, the It’s your own place to do what you want — no one will tell you to clean... You did it!

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