Just because they don’t or can’t sign the Strasburg or Scherzers of the world doesn’t mean they can’t compete. Money that Yelich couldn’t get for another 3 years. People who compare this Yelich extension in anyway to the Betts situation are clueless. Beyond that, the situations were completely different. Consider that Anthony Rendon just sold the same portion of his career (age 30-36 seasons) for $245MM. This is not the kind of contract that hamstrings the Brewers for a decade, even if Yellich gets hurt and never plays another day in his life. Mike Trout 12yrs 425million Now, the younger outfielder will step into the top salary slot for the team. Probably thats The point of view of the Yelich side! How do you figure? Any superstar that signs a huge money contact which includes taking them pass their prime years have a great set up because they are guaranteed the massive paycheck no matter what they do or what happens to their health. Club option for 2022 is overwritten. Remember x-shortstop on the Rockies named Troy, Twins Justin and Albert. This contract isn’t that bad should they need to trade it in a couple years anyways. ". True, but with good conditioning (or good luck), some players can stay extremely productive well past 30. Even disregarding the entirely different contexts created by their age/existing contracts, Betts and Yelich are not the same. Last season, Yelich finished second in MVP voting to Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger after a fractured kneecap cut his season to 130 regular-season games. Yelich was doing better than his mvp season before injuring his kneecap and unable to finish the season. Many would signed the document before it dried up. Sure, just don’t watch baseball for 4 years and then you might be right. Yelich is an absolute superstar right now, but they still had 3 years of bargain control. In his age 35 season he could still be hitting 300/400/500 slash line with 30 plus homers and 100 plus RBIs. According to the sources, Christian Yelich has an estimated net worth of $13 million as of 2019. But it’s a clear discount as compared to the values we saw in the free-agent market this winter. Hit free agency at 31 years old. A smart person can make sure s/he lives comfortably the rest of his/her life on that, and still leave plenty to make sure the kids are taken care of. That may be semantically correct, it’s just not a very useful way to look at it, imo. Cardinals are paying Molina because he’s the face of the franchise bud and because he was outperformed his last contract. He has a mind set and sticking to it. The Brewers formally announced Yelich's new nine-year, $215 million contract on Friday -- a seven-year extension to his previous deal, which will keep the 2018 National League Most Valuable Player and two-time batting champion in … ... agreeing to defer $28 million of his salary. Thoughts? I have to give the Brewers credit for locking up their stars to extensions when they can, unlike their division rival just to the south. He is locked in through 36, well past his prime. Sluggers tend to get bulky in their 30’s, don’t we all, if he stays lean he could be alright till the end of the deal. #ThisIsMyCrew https://t.co/F4txNVasDE, He’s signed a lot of autographs in his career, but we’d venture to say this one is probably the most valuable. Milwaukee will be paying Christian Yelich until 2042, when the All-Star outfielder is 50 years old. Christian Yelich is a Milwaukee Brewer for life. And I still would want Yelich on my team over Betts…, Player salaries don’t effect ticket or concession prices. Good luck with that. They might of tore up the old contract and old option but unless he was hurt or suspended or something crazy that 15 million option was going to be used. That makes the new deal $173.5m in new money over 6 years, starting 3 years in the future. Yelich still has two years left on his current deal that was signed when he was still with the Miami Marlins in 2015. The 2010 first-round pick went on to be named the 2018 National League MVP with a .326/.402/.598 slash line for 36 home runs and 110 RBI. Christian Yelich is one of the most talented young players in Major League Baseball. Apparently he didn’t regret leaving all that money on the table when he signed his last extension. Could he be worth more later? The question should be are the Brewers capable of building around him. They picked up comparable talent. So the first option would be to spend. This contract arises even as the Brewers reach the final guaranteed year of their deal with long-time star Ryan Braun. 4-5% differences at their income lebel should not be a deal breaker for intelligent persons. Anyways it’s a win win for both parties nobody is going to complain about getting nearly $200 million guaranteed for the next 7-10 years. If Yelich can keep it up it will be a good deal. In 2018, he will earn a base salary of $7,000,000. He won the National League MVP in 2018 and helped the Milwaukee Brewers to consecutive postseason berths the past two seasons, the first time the club has made the playoffs in two straight years. I’m sure teams like the Rays, Reds, Braves, A’s and other small market teams would have been checking in on yelich in. He would have been playing for 3 more years before hitting FA without the deal, so being 31 would have limited his value somewhat. This is an egregious overpay buying away all the injury risk off a major surgery for Age 31+ seasons. Hire WAJGH! So I say win for both. As if what he was doing was philanthropic or for the greater good. Everyone’s Pro Player. Just ask the Dodgers and the Yankees. The mutual option for '29 would pay $20 million, with a … Its like worrying Rizzos options won’t be exercised or Stanton is going to opt out. Are you implying the Brewers and Yelich have stolen signs like the ‘Stros? He either signs extension or plays 3 more seasons being grossly underpaid. Mookie saying he wants to set a precedent for other players to get paid isn’t the only reason he was waiting for free agency, but you can’t dismiss it with a wave of your hand. Good for him. Someone promises me $180m, I take it, even if I could maybe, possibly get more down the road. He will be under control through his age 36 season, 2028. And he’s absolutely NOT worth $20M now or ever. Win win. Take the money today, enjoy it. Can’t wait to see that “face of the franchise” come back on Opening Day when he’s 60 and those neck tattoos looking so stylish. Even if the offer was truly overwhelming, why can’t he prefer to choose his own place of employment? How far the Brewers' 2020 campaign goes will depend heavily on Yelich, which is why the franchise invested so much to keep him in Milwaukee. Yelich, because of his prior extension, will earn less than that for the 2020-21 seasons combined. Gerrit Cole 9yrs 324million I wouldn’t say absolute. Minter In Game 5 Of NLCS, Blue Jays Notes: Bichette, Shoemaker, Vlad, How To Set Up Notifications For Breaking News. Additionally, he has an estimated net worth of around $ 13 million at present. The Brewers will nickel and dime, and that’s nice if they are an up-and-coming team. I don’t think they are worried about luxury tax at all. To me, the market is unpredictable each year. did not know it was 7 years past the 3 he already has left. That’s why they’re paying him $20M. It could become a lose-lose for both sides real fast if the Brewers can’t win games and Yelich isn’t playing like a Top 5 player (he’s Top 5 in my opinion). These are back breaker deal’s for teams. From a business POV, I think it’s also a win. Imagine that he waited 3 years to hit FA. Look what happened with Braun though he really hasn’t been a superstar for several years now (might have to do with not using PED’s anymore). The regular-season opener will be on March 26 with the Chicago Cubs visiting Miller Park. Yelich's $215 million, nine-year contract with the team calls for Brewers to defer $4 million each year from his $26 million annual salary from 2022-28. The difference in taxes are not that big of a deal. But our armchair GM over here thinks that’s the case! If he kept performing at his current level for the next 3 years he would get more money, but between injury concerns or just a possible natural regression that’s not a guarantee of any kind, and even if he does keep up this performance its not like he won’t get paid, its still close to $190 million in new money, hard to imagine him ever being too disappointed with that. but since it looks like you live in certain states with no minimum wages it would make a huge difference for you making $2.00 an hour and working only 3 days a week! he’s well better then Harper and isnt locked in past his prime.

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