"I was very proud and emotional and excited to watch her," she said. Lukasiak posts videos about her daily life and routine, as well as vlogs about her travel and cooking adventures. She was an original cast member and stuck around even when all the new dancers were piling in. One of the best parts of Dance Moms was that it featured real mothers sticking up for their daughters. Perhaps the most well-known original member of the ALDC is Maddie Ziegler.
Mackenzie was also a runner-up on the first season of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. Camryn models for True Joy Active Wear and seems to have returned to in-person school. Alongside a photo of herself with a few original Dance Moms cast members, she wrote, "Just sayin' #letitbe." And since Sioux is now a successful actress, she probably doesn't have time for Dance Moms anymore anyway. The younger Hyland sister left the show in the fourth season, and she didn't exit quietly. Along with her daughter Paige, Hyland filed a lawsuit against Abby Lee Miller (via TMZ) after leaving the show. She stars in two films releasing in 2019. The case was eventually dismissed, but Hyland was clearly done with Miller and did not return to the series. It wouldn’t be a “Dance Moms” where are they now without mentioning Candy Apples dancer Vivi-Anne. She always had to beg for solos or even to be apart of the group dance. She has and an active YouTube account where she posts fun and creative videos. Along with her little sister, Paige, Hyland danced her heart out for Miller in her Dance Moms days, and she left the show in its fourth season. After all, the original cast of Dance Moms is practically irreplaceable. Like many of her friends, Kalani is also acting. Now, Frazier is still her daughter's biggest fan, and she frequently posts about her on her Instagram page. Paige has recently just finished her freshman year of college at West Virginia University! She'll also appear in Sia's movie, Music, as well as West Side Story, both in 2020.

No one can say she wasn’t all about making her children successful. Abby was her dance teacher when she was a pre-teen. You may have also noticed her partnership with the Kate Hudson athleisure company, Fabletics. She is most notably making a name for herself in the music industry. Related: One Tree Hill Cast: Where Are They Now? A show that focused on a not-always-nice dance teacher and the moms who wanted to make sure that their kid was getting one of the solo dances that week. During that time, she won several titles at regional, state, and national dance competitions. For the most part, Vertes has been focused on her acting career since leaving Dance Moms. "As a person, I think I've grown up a lot," she told Teen Vogue in 2017. There's still plenty of drama, amazing choreography, and protective moms on the show, but it definitely isn't the same.
That's not to say that the young dancers don't bring their own brand of star power, but the moms bring the drama, and that's what made the show famous.

Ziegler first started making a name for herself when she starred in the music video for Sia's "Chandelier." Christi achieved her own level of fame from being on the show and now has just over 1 million followers on social media and a YouTube channel where she covers various topics.

Lilliana, or "Lilly K," joined the show as a member of the ALDC mini team in season six and then joined the elite team in season seven. Her time on the show, where her daughter was not one of the stars of ALDC, was not without stress. She's also active on Instagram and has 3.5 million followers. This made us think about the previous cast. Christi now has a YouTube channel, where she covers a wide range of topics.

She received all the solos without having to jump through hoops. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Nia also has a successful music career and a YouTube channel boasting over a million followers. She starred in the off-Broadway musical Dance Divas Nutcracker in 2017, and has danced on JoJo Siwa's tour. Kalani didn’t stay with the ALDC for too long before leaving due to family obligations. Search Abby Lee Miller is about to introduce Lifetime viewers to an all-new cast of dancers for Season 8 of "Dance Moms", but that doesn't mean fans have forgotten about the series' original cast. Maddie took her Dance Moms stardom and ran with it. This was the day Dance Moms premiered. Let's be honest, everyone knows that the real stars of Dance Moms are the moms themselves. Known for her upbeat personality, and large bows, you have probably seen her face on clothing at Target, Kohls, JC Penny, and Claire’s. The Lukasiaks finally left the show after Abby called Chloe "washed up.". She is currently doing this by supporting her girl's career and being quite active on social media with just over 3 million followers. A post shared by Chloé Lukasiak (@chloelukasiak) on May 12, 2019 at 1:55pm PDT. Abby Lee Miller is about to introduce Lifetime viewers to an all-new cast of dancers for Season 8 of "Dance Moms", but that doesn't mean fans have forgotten about the series' original cast. Most recently, the 21-year-old “Dance Moms” alum has been posting photos of her travels to the U.K., Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. Of course, the show often switched from the intricate and impressive dance routines to the backstage drama between the mothers of the dancers and dance instructor Abby Lee Miller herself. Kalani HillikerKalani was certainly one of Abby’s favorites. Frazier has almost 2 million followers, and loves to post uplifting quotes. Now, Hyland is all grown up and graduated from Ohio University in May 2019, according to her Instagram. Still, despite the drama and catfights, all good things must come to an end, and such was the case with Dance Moms. In an essay for Cosmopolitan, Gisoni opened up about why she decided to leave the show, saying it was all about what was best for her daughters. She has also worked on famous soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, as the fashion intern, Emma. She might be the most successful of the bunch.

Dance Moms Cast – Where Are They Now? Mackenzie was always into singing, releasing several songs during her time on “Dance Moms,” and she appears to still be in the game. Kenzie Ziegler is only sixteen, but is racking up credits on her resume! However, those were never the fun part for me. The show was recently renewed for an eighth season after taking a much-needed break. She went through 10 rounds of chemotherapy and is now doing physical therapy to walk again after announcing that she's cancer-free in May 2019. Obviously, she brought a lot of drama to the show, despite not coming on until Season 2 (via Women's Day). Dance Moms was the unlikely show that no one saw getting as big as it did. In fact, Miller was known for ranking her young students each week in a pyramid format, which couldn't have been easy for the young girls to deal with. Jill was the type of mom who would regularly put her foot in her mouth. In addition to Rapunzel, Vertes has secured roles in Anastasia and Santa In Training. She was a star dancer with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Maddie was on the show until 2016 when she, Abby, and her mom had it out in the nastiest of ways. It was also holding the kids back." She has also released a book called Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking On The World. Outside of Dance Moms, Maddie is most known for her work with artist Sia. The suit was later dismissed and now you can find Kelly on Instagram hyping her daughters up. Miller was found guilty of fraud for hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars during her time on Dance Moms. "I never wanted to be on TV and I never want to be on TV again." She's released several songs and music videos, including one entitled, "SLAY." She was on the show for six seasons and didn’t make a lot of waves.

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