No reason to think he couldn’t be an Admiral by now, frankly. This episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" is unusual in several ways. It takes place 10+ years later, how much later isn’t quite clear. Does anyone know when the BLURAY+DVD will be ready and sent? Thats weird, I responded to this post already. In the hypothetical Deep Space Nine season 8 premiere, two decades have passed since the events of "What You Leave Behind, and the landscape of the station and the lives of her former inhabitants are much changed. Quark is injured in an attack which Odo suspects is related to a murder committed five years before, in which Kira was the prime suspect. Maybe not 20 years later like the Picard show, but maybe a decade or so, so wouldn’t be be surprising to see Nog as Captain. I have admittedly never been in the “OMG OMG OMG DS9 is the Best Trek Evah” camp, so maybe I’m missing something. I will look for another more recent place for it. He was always motivated. It has been too many years since I saw DS9 to remember, what do you think? This “8th season” takes into account the fact that time has passed in the real world for the actors. Thank you. It's recently been under siege for some time and the Federation troops there are disheartened and beaten up pretty badly. Even if it’s just an animated season 8, I would watch it if they use sock puppets – but please give us more of what those guys teased here! (TV-PG) Air Date: Nov 14, 1993 Speaking to io9 about reassembling the writers’ room for the documentary, Behr remarked: Well, that was one of the easiest things about this whole process. It was marvelous. And Nog more than proved what a capable and committed Starfleet officer he was. Thank you Alex, that sums it up perfectly! The crew enters Cardassian space to destroy a ketracel-white installation, Sisko leads a battle to reclaim DS9, O'Brien infiltrates the Orion Syndicate, the Romulans enter the Dominion War, and Jadzia Dax is killed by a pah-wraith-possessed Dukat. My connection was too slow apparently for the stream and I must work on May 13. We—everyone—had a wonderful day. Season 6, Episode 4 TV-PG CC SD. I had no idea you feel about Tilly like me ;) The problem is she is written as superhuman (just repairing the shields last episode on top of being a master of Quantum Physics etc etc Is she the new Chief Engineer now too) and more neurotic than Barclay, who never made it to Captain. But the task of keeping this base seems impossible, as only about a third of the original troops are alive.An interesting guest star in this one is Billy Mumy, as he was once a regular on "Lost in Space" and was a regular on "Babylon 5" when he made this guest appearance. The Mirror Universe version of Vedek Bareil arrives on DS9 as he flees from the Alliance. Search for "The Siege of AR-558" on, Title: STAR TREK® and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. 2020 © CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp, © 2006-2020 SciFanatic Network | Legal/Privacy Info |, Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk by MH Themes, Next Week: Online Table Read Of ‘The Creator’ – How Gene Roddenberry And Lucille Ball Made ‘Star Trek’, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Renewed For Season 4, Production Starts In November, All Access Star Trek Returns To The Disco, Ponders Kurtzman’s Dreams Of Trek Unification, Watch: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 302 Clip; And David Ajala Talks Book’s Special Powers, Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Finds A Future In Season 3 Premiere “That Hope Is You”, The Shuttle Pod – The Podcast. Alex Kurtzman has a perpetual Star Trek machine that is going to need a lot of content. The season begins three months into the Dominion War, and things do not go well for the former crew of Deep Space 9. One of the features of the new documentary is a segment with the writers’ room for Deep Space Nine reassembled to break a story for a notional eighth season … Keep up with all the updates and news on the DS9 documentary in our What We Left Behind category here at, DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming, What We Left Behind, Super fun! And first season I could believe it because she was a cadet and it was first time on a starship. In that episode, Nog was articulate, thoughtful, and had grown up quite a bit. I’m all about the love. He was smart and he was starting to develop leadership qualities, so not inconceivable that he could be command material. “I agree but it looks like Tilly will never get that command she dreamed of.”, Not in the Imperial Conquest Battle Group of the V’draysh, no ;), Once a cadet became a Captain in a weeks time, anything is possible now. Anyway, I know I would love whatever Behr and Co. would create. I was referring to the entirety of the documentary, which I got to watch over the weekend (several times) online for being one of the Indiegogo backers. Make it so. I can not WAIT to watch this documentary in theaters!! But now after ‘fighting’ a war, she should act a little more grown up and yes professional. I can believe Nog as a Captain far better than I can believe Tilly as one. And guess what, the characters would still feel more real than Star Trek: Discovery ;). To revisit my favorite Star Trek show on the big screen, is a dream. Yes Barclay got the same treatment, but he was actually treated as someone as a bit ‘off’. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Unlike Tilly, I can take Nog seriously as a Starfleet officer. years. Move on. (18 Nov 1998). The documentary team is now going through all their extra material that didn’t make the final cut (there’s a lot of it), and making bonus features out of it. Star Trek: Sock Puppets! If it’s set right after the conclusion of Season 7 (2375), it’s difficult for me to believe that Nog would be a captain already. Its nothing wrong to have comedic and offbeat characters, but it still has to be done in a way to be believable to the jobs they have. It sounds like it will be great and can’t wait to check it out. View production, box office, & company info, 'Star Trek: Picard' — Character Wish List, STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE SEASON 7 (1998) (9.3/10). This episode was directed by Levar Burton and written by Michael Taylor. Additionally, the show is grittier and more violent than usual.There is a Federation base on AR-558--a place that used to be under Dominion control. That last bit really got my heart pounding :). They get away with stuff that wouldn’t fly for 1 second in a real professional space organization, or any professional setting for that matter. See What Could've Opened Deep Space Nine Season 8 in an Exclusive Clip From What We Left Behind. You still got the wrong guy Tiger. I mean, true, we hadn’t been in the same room with each other for a long, long, long, long time, but I’ve worked with all those guys since the show went off the air, and you know, I was working with Ron [Moore, legendary screenwriter and producer with credits across The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager] at the time, in the offices we were working in, and it was great. You got strange tastes Tiger. You need to show me that you she is a very good judge of character and that she can fight for what she believes in.” And that’s what we saw from Tilly in this episode. And we had so much footage that didn’t make it in, of the forgetfulness of where people were and how things happened and who was where, and “Wait, what? First Aired: November 14, 1993. I loved DS9 but I have zero interest in this Doc. The team says to expect more info on the physical media release after the May 13th theatrical event. Crazy, I just rewatched the episode where it was revealed he wanted to go to Starfleet and still a great episode. [8], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, "Resurrection" Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Mirror, Mirror (Star Trek: The Original Series),,, Worlds Enough and Time: Explorations of Time in Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Gary Westfahl, George Edgar Slusser, David Leiby, "Star Trek: 20 Episodes So Bad They Must Be Seen", "Ranking every mirror universe episode of Star Trek", "Star Trek: The 10 Worst Episodes Of DS9 Ever, According To IMDb",, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 6) episodes, Articles needing additional references from June 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 February 2020, at 15:26. [2], The episode premiered to Nielsen ratings of 5.1 points.[3][4]. I’m really hoping next season they tone her down at least. I like my season 8 idea better: In Post-War exhaustion and destruction, in desperate need of a “Marshall Plan” for Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Four Great Powers (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian) try to pull themselves together and lift themselves up out of the ashes, while fighting small necessary wars (that the public despises, naturally, because they’re sick to death of war, so few resources are assigned to this thankless task) of containment and roundup of Rogue, break-away, WarLords and CrimeLords (THEIR “Afghan Conflict”); the detritus of the Dominion’s Warrior Caste, and Opposition Factions from the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans, with the opportunistic Orion Crime Syndicates in the geopolitical field, at play. So, when Sisko and some of his folks arrive, they are very welcome. Now this is something I would want to see. The physical media likely won’t be ready for months yet. Without giving anything away: What We Left Behind was TOTALLY worth the wait. Overall, a decent episode, though I did feel their attempt to be grittier still felt amazingly sanitized compared to real warfare. As previously announced, What We Left Behind makes its one-day-only theatrical debut through Fathom Events on May 13 in the US and Canada. ), cover art must be created, and finally the Blu-ray and DVD masters are sent to the media replicators for stamping onto disc. But they also portrayed him as coming from a culture where that was the norm as well as showing him come to accept female colleagues both as social equals and as professional authority figures by the series’ end. Just watched the early backer screener. If we can get Picard back, I want Kurtzman to go out hire these guys and let them do DS9 in 8k! Let’s put it this way. I have seven seasons of extras from my Deep Space Nine DVDs plus FSM knows how many hours of interviews, articles, etc. He had a long way to go when DS9 ended, but he could have gotten their eventually. And the writers of the time were not afraid to portray him as a bit of a Neanderthal with regard to women at first. I would give anything for a few to be working on Discovery. [5] They note this as one of the Star Trek's mirror universe themed episodes. You are 100% him. Oh well, I can dream. I’ll take Tilly anywhere . Hey CBS wanted Brian Fuller, why not the guys that made the good Trek? He went from one of my least liked characters to my favorites! One of the features of the new documentary is a segment with the writers’ room for Deep Space Nine reassembled to break a story for a notional eighth season for the series. Regardless, if Tilly is now Starfleets best, anyone can be captain! You rock. How interesting! From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. Major Kira must come to terms with her feelings when a man arrives on the Station that bears an uncanny resemblance to someone from her past. Directed by Jonathan Frakes. But this season they just over did it with the neurotic stuff. I’m so excited. In 2018, CBR included this episode in a list of Star Trek episodes that are "so bad they must be seen". “That was very fun because Tilly is almost the comic relief of the show, and I really wanted to see what she’s capable of. I laughed, I cried, I laughed really hard at one bit towards the end of the film (you’ll know what I’m referring to when you see it).

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