In her "Ready For It?" Instead, this snake is pink and white. So I got sober at an age where I wasn’t even legally allowed to drink,” the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, March 5. From working to silence her inner voices of self-destruction, to a nod to her past as a … The scene looks just like one from Taylor's music video for "Begin Again." Account active A quick shot near the end of the video of a bride and groom running across the street had many fans believing it was a reference to Lovato’s ex, Wilmer Valderrama, who recently got engaged to model Amanda Pacheco. However, Taylor rejects the proposal, similar to the empty engagement ring box that caused commotion in her "Look What You Made Me Do" video. The music video also shows Brendon standing at the window, staring out at Taylor dancing on the street below, which she confirmed on Tumblr was an Easter Egg … Lovato has been open about her sobriety journey after overdosing at her home in Hollywood Hills. Taylor next appears in a marching-band outfit, which is a callback to her "You Belong With Me" video. Before the premiere, Taylor told fans that there was a surprise she'd been hiding for months in this video. If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Demi Lovato Looks Back at Her Journey to Self-Love and Sobriety in Video for New Single 'I Love Me'. Taylor Swift released a colorful music video for her new song "ME!," featuring Panic! The 27-year-old singer’s music video for her new song, “I Love Me,” features several Easter eggs for her fans. Exactly one week later, she kicked off Super Bowl LIV with her emotional rendition of the national anthem. "When we're planning a music video and I know that it would be really fun for them, we create, like, a scavenger hunt throughout the video," she continued. The hit-making songstress called into the U.K.'s 95-106 Capitol FM's "Capitol Breakfast With Roman Kemp" on Tuesday, where she teased that there are literally "dozens" more references hidden within her music video that haven't been discovered yet. 7 hours ago, by Alessia Santoro The butterflies here symbolize rebirth and have been featured heavily in the song's promo. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. The look is similar to the pink tips Taylor rocked in "I Knew You Were Trouble" and the pink hair she's been sporting to promote this new era. In her February essay on pop music for Elle UK, Taylor may have hinted at the pair's upcoming collab, directly naming "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" as a special song to her at age 16. Here are all the hidden details, references, and meanings you may have missed in Taylor's "Me!" We get yet another past-music-video reference when we see Taylor sitting on what appears to be a rooftop in Paris. The video for "Me!" Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Music Video Set, By signing up, you agree to our “I was on dating apps for a while but as I’ve spent some time with myself over the past couple months, I realized that I am the type of person that will find any way to regulate when I’m sad or lonely or whatever,” she began. Taylor followed her initial 4.26 post with a series of aesthetically similar photos with the same caption, leading fans to believe the images were a sneak peek to the video we finally got as the countdown came to an end. Scroll through for a breakdown of the references in Lovato’s new video: In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies. RELATED: Demi Lovato Says She Felt ‘Controlled’ by Her Team During Eating Disorder Recovery, Lovato announced the news of her track ahead of its release on Monday with a post that she shared on her Instagram. Moments after hitting the Grammys stage, Lovato was overcome with emotion. “My bulimia got really bad, and I asked for help and I didn’t receive the help that I needed,” Lovato told Ellen DeGeneres about her relapse on Thursday. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. She tearfully delivered a powerful performance of the song at the 2020 Grammys, which marked her first time singing in a live show since her overdose. The opening lyrics call back to several classic Taylor songs. As the first single from Lovato's … We find Taylor and Brendon dancing to a crowd of cheering fans. March 7, 2020 by Mekishana Pierre. There are some other small Easter eggs in this scene. '. “Oh, why do I compare myself to everyone/And I always got my finger on the self destruct,” Lovato croons in the upbeat track. Taylor Swift is the queen of dropping hints, and no it is not an accident. 21 hours ago, by Chanel Vargas Could these be hinting at future single- or even album-release dates? Subscriber This signaled to fans that her new music release had been planned for quite some time. Four plus 9 equals, yeah. He wrote, “CANT [sic] WAIT FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR.”. Taylor and Brendon dance together on a rainbow platform. "I Love Me" is the second song Demi Lovato has released since she left rehab in November 2018. by Murphy Moroney At the Disco. “After all the times I went and f— it up/I wonder when I love me is enough.”, RELATED: Demi Lovato Belts Powerful Rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV. “So I was stuck in this unhappy position. It's been reported that Taylor is interested in a permanent home in London, so this could be her way of telling fans that her move is in progress. The video kicks off with the star battling three versions of herself. "Like, to me, that's more fun than when I used to make videos and I didn't try to plant clues. we see Taylor's lover joyously dance around in the mess with her. Brendon is joined by umbrella dancers on the roof, which are a reference to the dancers who performed with Taylor during "How You Get the Girl" on her "1989 World Tour." She only accepts a kitten. at the Disco's Brendon Urie from her upcoming seventh album. Suddenly, it bursts into a cloud of butterflies. The yellow-and-white-striped sidewalks are also reminiscent of the Yellow Brick Road from "The Wizard of Oz." And I have vivid memories of him leaving, so when [my team] left, they totally played on that fear and I felt completely abandoned, so I drank.”. ", Turns out there's DOZENS more references to find in @taylorswift13's ME! Demi Lovato paid homage to her past in her recently-released music video for "I Love Me.". The imagery also brings to mind the ending of that same poem: "and in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.". Lovato and Valderrama broke up after six years together in 2016. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. The Dixie Chicks also tweeted a pair of eyes at Taylor after the song dropped, adding fuel to the fire. She previously addressed her cry for help on the track “Anyone,” which she performed at the Grammys in January. “I listen back to these lyrics and I hear it as a cry for help.”. Why? In "Me!," the fake friends are replaced with adoring fans. The former Disney Channel star has been open about her battles with substance abuse, mental health and an eating disorder in the past. Demi Lovato just dropped "I Love Me" and the accompanying video is stacked Easter eggs that'll have you sobbing uncontrollably. Fans think "Lover" could be the title of Taylor's next single or another track on TS7. On Friday, Demi Lovato released the music video for "I Love Me," and it was just as empowering as fans had hoped. Fans first started speculating that Taylor had new music to release as far back as October 2018 when she posted a photo of herself playing Scrabble with the caption, "Let the games BEGIN." In the background, we can spot the last Instagram teaser, a blue bike. 7 hours ago, by Karen Snyder Duke For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! However, it does not take long for Lovato to realize fighting against herself isn’t getting her anywhere, so she opts to love herself instead. "Me! According to Taylor Swift, her fans have just scratched the surface when it comes to all the nuggets of information sprinkled throughout her cotton candy-colored music video for "ME!". The tips of her hair are colored blue. Snake-shaped clouds float her way and try to attack her, but she walks through them unscathed. Her eyes welled up with tears as she took a moment to reconvene before starting again to complete the song in her second attempt. “I Love Me” marks the second song Lovato has released post-treatment.

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