Murillo’s Holy Family looks and acts like a normal family. Mary is spinning, Joseph’s workshop is nearby (at right), and this family has pets they play with. The painting may be purchased as wall art home decor apparel phone cases greeting cards

Click below to access our Resource Library and learn more about our efforts around the world. Order Gifts for Life! The real Mary could only have dreamed of the clothes and jewels this Mary wears. ACCOMPANY US IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY AND DURING TIMES OF CELEBRATION, Faith-Based Response to Epidemics + Pandemics, Emergency Assistance After Severe Flooding in Ghana, Laura Ellen and Robert Muglia Make Gift to Combat Violence Against Women and Girls, Responding to the Ebola Crisis in the DRC, In Conversation: Our Faith Calls Us to Acts of Love, Disaster Relief Creates Lasting Change in Puerto Rico, Building Relationships, Justice and Hope During Disasters, ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE : The Work Continues, In Conversation | A Pilgrimage Opens the Heart and Mind, The Anglican Alliance and Episcopal Relief & Development: Working Together for Lasting Change in Times of Disaster. Media in category "Paintings of Holy Family" The following 51 files are in this category, out of 51 total. The Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, Ghirlandaio, Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, Dennis Creffield. share Enjoy this slide show of famous paintings of the holy family. St Joseph the Carpenter, George de la Tour. 125 anagoria.jpg, Gege (workshop) Heilige Familie bei Tisch.jpg, Holy Family painting on the display in Bijbels Museum Amsterdam.JPG, Holy Land 2016 P0296 Church of St. Joseph in Nazareth holy family painting.jpg, Igreja de Santa Teresinha em Porto Alegre 40.JPG, Igreja Sagrada Família em Porto Alegre -0.jpg, Italian-school-roman-(18)-the-holy-family-in-a-classical-setting.jpg, Jan Gossaert - The Holy Family - 71.PB.45 - J. Paul Getty Museum.jpg, Julius Frank Maria und Josef mit dem Jesusknaben.jpg, Killybegs St. Mary of the Visitation Church South Transept 2013 09 18.jpg, Korea Hapdeok Catholic Chuch 13 (14215581862).jpg, Longford St. Mel's Cathedral Holy Family Altar 2019 08 22.jpg, Marcellus Coffermans - Holy Family in a Landscape.jpg, Museum der Stadt Steyr - Heilige Familie bei Tisch 1.jpg, Orléans - église Notre-Dame-de-Recouvrance, intérieur (25).jpg, Polidoro da Lanciano Holy Family with Angel.jpg, RO SJ Biserica de lemn din Toplita (65).JPG, Sassoferrato (1609-1685) - The Holy Family - M.74 - Fitzwilliam Museum.jpg, The Church at the Austrian Hospice הכנסיה בהוספיס האוסטרי - panoramio.jpg, TOSINI Michele Sainte famille avec St Jean-Baptiste.jpg, Wiki Loves Art - Gent - Museum voor Schone Kunsten - Jozef in een droom door een engel gewaarschuwd (Q21680656).JPG,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Enjoy this slide show of famous paintings of the holy family. Raphael has, thank goodness, ignored this tradition.

Here Mary plays happily with her chubby little son, both seeminly unaware of the future. Jesus is blond, an historical impossibility – but then this is a Spanish painting, and blond-haired children were rare and prized in medieval Spain. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Let us hope they are wrong, and that Mary is merely playing with her little son as any mother would. Here Jesus holds a taper to illuminate the work Joseph is doing, but more light seems to come from his own face than from the taper.

The effect is calming, meditative. Many paintings of Joseph and Jesus have some object that makes reference to the future Passion of Jesus.

‘The Holy Family’: this name is given to the infant Jesus, his mother Mary, her husband Joseph, her mother Anne and her cousin Elizabeth.
XVIII (2).jpg, Autor desconhecido - Sagrada Família, séc. Pitati Holy Family.jpg 777 × 634; 330 KB. Murillo’s Joseph is strong, young and in control, refuting paintings that showed him as an old man unlikely to have a sexual relationship with his wife Mary. ‘The Holy Family’: this name is given to the infant Jesus, his mother Mary, her husband Joseph, her mother Anne and her cousin Elizabeth.

XVIII.jpg, Basílica de São Francisco das Chagas (Canindé) 016a - Allegory of Holy Family.JPG, De heilige Familie en Johannes de Doper, 1527, Groeningemuseum, 0040020000.jpg, Egon Schiele - Heilige Familie - 1913.jpeg, Escola Italiana - Sagrada Família, ost.jpg, Fischen im Allgäu-Weiler Kapelle HlFamilie 008.jpg, Fischen im Allgäu-Weiler Kapelle HlFamilie 009.jpg, The Holy Family with Saint Catherine of Alexandria LACMA M.2011.2.jpg, Francesco Albani - Sainte Famille dans un paysage.jpg, Francesco Albani - The Holy Family N08282-42-lr-1.jpg, 1487 Francia Die Heilige Familie Gemäldegalerie Inv.

After Andrea del Sarto (Florence 1486-Florence 1530) - The Holy Family with Saint Catherine - RCIN 402820 - Royal Collection.jpg 1,233 × 1,650; 1.74 MB Though still a little boy, Jesus is already the Light of the World. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, Category:Paintings of the Holy Family (en); Catégorie:Sainte Famille dans la peinture (fr); Categoria:Dipinti sulla Sacra Famiglia (it) categoría de Wikimedia (es); 維基媒體分類 (zh-mo); κατηγορία εγχειρημάτων Wikimedia (el); 維基媒體分類 (zh-tw); categorie în cadrul unui proiect Wikimedia (ro); विकिपीडिया:श्रेणी (bho); Viciméid catagóir (ga); kategorie na projektech Wikimedia (cs); kategori Wikimedia (ms); kategori Wikimedia (map-bms); Wikimedia-categorie (nl); ویکیمیڈیا زمرہ (ur); Wikimedia category (en-gb); د ويکيمېډيا وېشنيزه (ps); Уикимедия категория (bg); kategoria w projekcie Wikimedia (pl); Vikimedya kategorisi (tr); categurìa 'e nu pruggette Wikimedia (nap); หน้าหมวดหมู่วิกิมีเดีย (th); tudalen categori Wikimedia (cy); Wikimedia-kategori (sv); kategória projektov Wikimedia (sk); категорія проекту Вікімедіа (uk); kawan Wikimèdia (ace); 維基媒體分類 (zh-hant); 维基媒体分类 (zh-cn); Wikimedia-Kategorie (gsw); 위키미디어 분류 (ko); Wikimedia-bólkur (fo); kategorio en Vikimedio (eo); Викимедиина категорија (mk); kategorija na Wikimediji (bs); Wikimedia:Ronnaghys (gv); উইকিমিডিয়া বিষয়শ্রেণী (bn); page de catégorie d'un projet Wikimedia (fr); kategori Wikimedia (jv); kategorija na Wikimediji (hr); Wikimedia proyektındağı törkem (tt-latn); 维基媒体分类 (zh-my); Վիքիմեդիայի նախագծի կատեգորիա (hy); categoria de Wikimedia (ca); विकिपीडिया वर्ग (mr); kategorija w projektach Wikimedije (hsb); thể loại Wikimedia (vi); Wikimedia-kategori (da); Wikimedia projekta kategorija (lv); kategoria ti Wikimedia (ilo); категорија на Викимедији (sr); категория в проекте Викимедиа (ru); Wikimedia-kategorie (af); categoria de um projeto da Wikimedia (pt-br); 维基媒体分类 (zh-sg); категорияд Ангилал (mn); Wikimedia-kategori (nn); Wikimedia-kategori (nb); kategori Wikimédia (su); kategori Wikimedia (min); pajenn rummata eus Wikimedia (br); Wikimedia-kategory (fy); پۆلی ویکیمیدیا (ckb); Wikimedia category (en); تصنيف ويكيميديا (ar); Vikimédia ñemohenda (gn); categoria Vicimediorum (la); Wikimedia:ကဏ္ဍခွဲခြင်း (my); 維基媒體分類 (yue); Wikimédia-kategória (hu); વિકિપીડિયા શ્રેણી (gu); 維基媒體分類 (zh-hk); Wikimediako kategoria (eu); kategori e Wikimedias (sq); categoría de Wikimedia (ast); Wikimedia-categorie (zea); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de-ch); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de); විකිමීඩියා ප්‍රභේද පිටුව (si); Kategoriya ning Wikimedia (pam); ردهٔ ویکی‌مدیا (fa); Wikimedia-kategorie (nds-nl); Wîkîmediya:Kategorî (ku); विकिमिडिया श्रेणी (ne); ウィキメディアのカテゴリ (ja); categoria Wikimedia (ia); विकिमिडिया श्रेणी (dty); تصنيف بتاع ويكيميديا (arz); Wikimedia kategooria (et); דף קטגוריה (he); Викимедиа проектындагы төркем (tt); Wikimedia-Kategorie (bar); विकिमीडिया श्रेणी (hi); гурӯҳи Викимедиа (tg); Wikimedia-kategoriija (se); гурӯҳ дар лоиҳаи Викимедиа (tg-cyrl); Wikimedia-categorie (li); Wikimedia категориясы (ky); விக்கிமீடியப் பகுப்பு (ta); categoria di un progetto Wikimedia (it); gurühi Vikimedia (tg-latn); Wikimedia category (sco); Wikimedia category (en-ca); катэгорыя ў праекце Вікімэдыя (be-tarask); Wikimedia-luokka (fi); Викимедиа проектындагы төркем (tt-cyrl); Vikipidiya:Shopni (rmy); Викимедиа категорияһы (ba); ẹ̀ka Wikimedia (yo); catigurìa di nu pruggettu Wikimedia (scn); categoria de um projeto da Wikimedia (pt); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de-at); ვიკიპედია:კატეგორიზაცია (ka); tumbung Wikimedia (bjn); 维基媒体分类 (zh); kategorija Wikimedije (sl); kategorya ng Wikimedia (tl); катэгорыя ў праекце Вікімедыя (be); Wikimedia-Kategorie (nds); kategori Wikimedia (id); jamii ya Wikimedia (sw); വിക്കിമീഡിയ വർഗ്ഗം (ml); Wikimedia:Kategorija (sh); kategori Wikimedia (bug); Wikimedia:Klassys (kw); زمرو:وڪيپيڊيا زمرا بندي (sd); Wikimedia-Kategorie (stq); categoría de Wikimedia (gl); Wikimedia-Kategorie (lb); 维基媒体分类 (zh-hans); categoría de Wikimedia (an) Category:Paintings of Holy Family (en), Paintings of Holy Family with John the Baptist, Paintings of the nativity of Jesus Christ, Ahun - église Saint-Sylvain, intérieur (33).jpg, Alessandro Rosi, the Holy family, Musée départemental de l'Oise.JPG, Ambito di jan van scorel o maarten van hemskerk, sacra famiglia, 1525-50 ca.jpg, Giulio Cesare Amidano - Sacra famiglia.jpg, Angelo Caroselli - Holy Family with St. Francis.jpg, Aulendorf Sebastianskapelle Fresko Josefs Tod.jpg, Autor desconhecido - Sagrada Família, séc.
Holy Family is a painting by Svitozar Nenyuk which was uploaded on December 25th 2007. Click below to access our Resource Library and learn more about our efforts around the world. His father Joseph watches him fondly, ready to lend a gnarled hand should the child need help. Discover.

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