A girl brought up by tender care, sluggish girl. A lady with fair complexion, kind of bird. of Zaid. Intimate friend, companion, associate; fem. She was a companion and she was al-haysiah. adj. Name of Ayesha, wife of the Prophet Muhammad. This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik. Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and one daughter of Khalifa Ali. She was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH. True, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, faithful, perfect, complete; fem. A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful. Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH. It refers to inventing and bringing into existence what He has created and measured. Hiba Name Meaning. A plant whose flowers resemble pomegranates. Joy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness. of Hazim. Fruit-bearing, fruitful, productive; fem. “The most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them…” (Surah Al-Araf 7:180). High, tall, towering, lofty, exalted, high-ranking, sublime, superior, excellent; fem. Obedience, conforming to, in compliance with. Blessings, boons, bounties; pl. The meaning of Hiba has more than one different etymologies. Halima Al-Sadiyah: foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad. Spring, springtime, garden; fem. Comforting, consoling, a mansion with solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful. Affectionate, kind hearted, compassionate, loving. Female servant of lower rank; fem. of Aamir. This was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz. Praised, laudation of Allah; fem. A narrator of Hadith, al-Bahiliyah had this name. Despite revolutionary advancements in science and research today man has still not been able to create life from nothing. A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid; fem. of Jamil. Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Khalifa Usman (uthman) after the death of her sister Ruqayya. Al-Khaliq appears 8 times in the Quran. Rose, Sandal Safron mixed together in fragrance. A bouquet of flowers; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, acute; fem. He provides the mankind with different foods, as well as the sense of taste and hunger to enjoy it. She was a narrator of Hadith known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah. Queen of Saba known as Bilqis in the Arabian tradition. This was the name of noble lady who was kind and benevolent; she lived in Lebanon. Adorning the world. One who turns towards Allah, one who repents. Doors of great empires were opened for the Prophets by the will of Allah (swt). of Sultan. of Bahij. of Zahir. of Nazif. Dear, beloved sweetheart; fem. Beautiful, brilliant, elegant, radiant, pretty, charming; fem. of Munir. of Sayyid. The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia’s daughter. It also refers to measuring and proportioning. of Aali. of Wafi. it has two meanings1 gift from god2 love to the familyhiba is from the language arabic. A daughter of Ajlan; She was narrator of Hadith. The wife of Ibrahim al-Nakhee was so named, as also the daughter of Shurayk. Allah states: “He is Allah, the Creator, The Evolver- The Bestower of Forms. of Naim. The root word for Al-Bari is Bara’a. Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran. Clear, manifest, plain, distinct; fem. This was the name of a poetess daughter of Ismail al-Yahudi. of Sani. Name of the beloved mother of the Prophet Muhammad. Full of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks. Intelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted. Rich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. Daughter of Halima, the wet nurse of the Prophet Muhammad. Accepted. of Bahi. Well established, certain, sure; fem. Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous. Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) of Habib. A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abdur Rahman al-Muqaddasi was so named. Helper, protector, friend, patron; fem. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad Her kunya is Umm Habiba. Turquoise, a bright greenish-blue coloured precious stone. One endowed with speech, eloquent, spokesperson; fem. She was a religious, righteous woman (AN). One who controls or suppresses her anger; fem. of Mahjoob. of Barraq. of Nadim. Name of a woman scholar, Umm al-Buhlul, of Banu Asad. Famous, known, eminent, kindness, kind act; fem. Gifted, talented, favoured; fem. Lineage, descendants of Holy Prophet (PBUH). She was a narrator of Hadith. Names are the source of recognition and a meaningful name enhances the charm of an individual. Honoured, revered, honourable; fem. Fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable, august; fem. There are almost 472 baby Girl names which start with alphabet H in our names section. of Labib. Glass; This was the name of a woman, daughter of Buhayr bin Jundub. Trustworthy, honest, faithful, reliable; fem of Mamoon. A buck, deer, name of a well-known Sahabi i.e. A narrator of Hadith of the later period. Fragrance, aroma, sweet smell, scent, perfume. Whe was a narrator of Hadith. If Allah wills something, He merely says to it ‘be’ and it comes into existence. Purity, chastity, modesty, virtue, abstinence. Pl. A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar had this name. Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim and mother of the Prophet Ismail. of Maruf. Name of grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. A distinguished woman of her times was so named. View all new Quranic names for girls View all new Quranic names for boys Non-Quranic Names. of Samih. Name of the sacred wife of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) mother of Hazrat Ayesha (RA). of Sharif. She was a beautiful woman, daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah (AN). Holiness, sacredness, glorious, sacred, celestial, a blessed girl, a pious girl. Daughter of Muhammad(s) married to Khalifa Usman. Sustenance is of two types: one that benefits our body such as food, fresh air, and clean water; the other that benefits our soul, which, if properly used, can ultimately lead to Paradise, where Allah’s (swt) provision is eternal. Daughter of al-Jadi, she was a narrator of Hadith. This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA. of Nadi, dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate. She was the daughter of Muawwiz and a companion of the Propphet PBUH from her young age. Beautiful, pretty, attractive, glamorous, captivating, ravishing. of Fakhri. of Zafir. of Muhsin. of Razin. of Azam. The slightest bit of imbalance in the galaxy alone can lead everything to its doom. Fem. A lady who is purely devoted to Allah, an epithet of Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa, and of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad. of Hakeem. of Nazim. Compassion, affection, love, mercy, tenderness, warm-heartedness. Daughter of Hurayth, and a narrator of Hadith. of Tazim. True, truly, obedient of God, prayer of God. One who heals, A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Aswadi (AN). The name of a freed female slave of Sayyidah Ayshah RA, A narrator who transmitted from Shaybah bin Usman and Sabit Al-Shimale narrated from her. Why then do we belittle faces? Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr. Genetic engineers are still clueless about this miracle. of Adil. Approved of, chosen, promising; fem. Martyr in the cause4 of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem of . Delicate young girl, beautiful young woman, youthful and beautiful woman. Making right, making good, improvement, betterment. Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance. Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, blessed; fem. She was the daughter of Muhammad al-Baqadari, and was a narrator of Hadith. Intimate friend, companion; fem. It means to create without previous example. of Abyad. Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour. The daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. righteous, very truthful, honest; fem. This was the name of the daughter of Safwan bin Nawfal; She was a companion and she lived until the era of Muawiyah. Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous. (A.N). Hiba name meaning in Urdu is "بخشش، عطا، خیرات". of Shahiq. It is derived from the DHAL-AIN-N root which is used in the Quran in verse 24:49. but if the truth happens to be to their liking, they submissively accept it! Treasure; She was the daughter of Khalid bin Jafar bin Qurt. Here some beautiful, unique and Pakistani girls names list is provided with meaning starting from A till Z to choose your Muslim baby girl name with Arabic quranic roots in Urdu. Safe, secure, protected, a lady of peace and harmony. Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful; fem. of Salim. Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. Islamic Name Meaning; 1 : Hiba: Gift 2 : Hubba: Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah 3 : … Martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem. Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA. Daughter of Anas bin Malik. Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise. of maisoor. A must have, right, courage, power, legal, allowable. of Ayman. Is it not equivalent to disgracing Al-Mussawwir’s creativity? Arranger, organizer, poetess; fem. A royal white falcon, the beam of scales. Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness, large-heartedness. of Fathi. of Faqih. Chaste, virtuous, precious, valuable, excellent. Tall and upright tree, box tree, graceful figure. She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith. Kindness, gentleness, company, companionship. Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior, ascendant. Increasing, exceeding, excessive, growing, surplus; fem. Izaan is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means “submission”, “obedience”, “acceptance”. Proud, honorary, glory, pride (for noble cause); fem. of Fasih. Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah and wife of Talhah bin UbaydAllah, she was a narrator of Hadith. A hill near the sacred Kaaba; stone, rock. Superior, high ranking, educated; fem. True, truthful, honest, sincere, faithful, veracious, devoted; fem. Her name is Ramla; Umm Habiba is her Kunya (nickname) after the name of her daughter habiba. Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment, praise, beautification. of Wajid. Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith. of Azim. Illuminated, brilliant, full of light; fem. Worshipper. Brilliant, superb, magnificent, gorgeous, spectacular. Daughter of Jabir, she was a narrator of Hadith. Purity, honour, protection, chastity, modesty. of Hadi leader. A pious-hearted lady, good-natured, compatible. Proper name (famous Arabic poetess), pug-nosed. Walking in the night, Journeys by night.Name of Sura in Quran also known as Bani Israil. of Anis. Bright, brilliant, shining, sparkling, glittering; fem. of Tawfiq. Beautiful woman, a box in which perfumes are kept. cure, healing, satisfaction, gratification. Allah (swt) alone, the Great and Glorious, is the Provider. Glorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. Beneficial, advantageous, favourable, useful, profitable. of Aqmar. Humble moon (that would disappear on touch). Devoted to, dedicated to, intent, busy; fem. A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Qays al-Ansari. Prosperity, flourishing, bloom, blossoming. Conqueror, victor, winner; fem. Pure, righteous, untroubled, serene, the most valuable portions of the spoils of battle, sincere and honest friend; fem.

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