Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Texas like his sister Alexandra, who has garnered a huge following due to her inspiring singing at Lakewood. They won’t be touching my baby Jonathan. A post shared by Jonathan Osteen (@jonathanosteen) on Mar 5, 2020 at 8:07am PST. The jokes write themselves! His parents, Joel and Victoria Osteen are the spiritual guides of the Lakewood Church, founded by his grandfather, televangelist John Osteen. In addition, they also write books along with their church duties. He's a virgin. Mother: Victoria Osteen. Osteen is Jewish. Jonathan Osteen Wiki: Parents: Father: Joel Osteen. Does he have lisp or bad veneers cuz he said funny every time he said anything with an S in it. R84, is correct. R58 that family picture is super creepy, sexually. Do we need this on the heels of the Christian baker ruling? And if it is in God's plan, maybe their own children will one day be preaching at Lakewood, the fourth generation of Osteens in service to God. After this thread, he or his father's people will set his Instagram profile to private in how long? Jonathan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film. It's like he's trained himself to get rid of the gay voice S, and it's coming out a little more harsh and fuzzy. They will turn out gay . Other than that, they're practically identical. Exactly the same. Lady in the blue at the bottom is blantly on her phone, and then i noticed so is the guy in front of her and at least one in row behind her too. Nah, unfortunately. [QUOTE]”I'm not the most exciting person," said Jonathan. Otherwise, you'll just have Then in 2003, Victoria founded the Lakewood Church Women's Ministry and became a co-pastor to the congregation. He’s a pretty great…” This was my favorite Hope & Life conference yet. You know how on grindr you can tell when a guy is a bottom just by looking at their photo ( before scrolling down and seeing their position and it is actually a bottom) that's our Jonathan. Why do you say that? He's going to join the ranks of gay bashing gay grifter preachers with wife and kids. Jonathan and his sister Alexandra have been raised in the church. Some features on this site require registration. Unless he meets the right man who turns him out properly. It's a turnoff that he's living off his daddys con game. Wasn’t daddy hanging with the Cockgobbler? She's got a great fashion sense.". Rajon Rondo Is a Doting Dad of 2 Mini-Me Kids — inside the NBA Champion's Life and Career. Did Joel screw one of their Latina maids? Wow, that sermon, just a few minutes in and it was like he took every cliche from a pastoral speech and formed a speech from it. He’ll need a beard soon. And not southern white like his parents. FF'd. Good for him if he grows to love what he'll be doing in the future. After that, Joel, one of the six siblings of John, took over the church and had been fulfilling the role of senior pastor since then. Everyone who’s been there knows what he’s going through. What’s the deal? But yes, R97 and R104 are lying. Ethnicity: Jonathan Osteen ethnicity is white. Oh God (no pun intended), looks like he’s following in daddy’s footsteps. Then afterwards they can both get on their knees and pray. His life is already decided. "I love to just hang at home. Perhaps they're too enraptured by his beauty, singing voice and/or racial ambiguity. “Adopted.” He’s literally his mother with a mustache. R34 ok they both look human but that's where the resemblance ends. Osteen got a lot of flack online at the time for the pictures and articles were written about it. She lived near Marshall Space Flight Center where her father, Donald Iloff – a mathematician with General Electric – was a member of GE’s Saturn rocket project team led by German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. Please try again. Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on Also, I agree that is one weird lisp. The son can hook up with Mike Pence's nephew. There's nothing to feed on. Please click here to get full access and no ads for $1.99 or less per month. Today's Osteen Ferrari thread reminded me of his son "Uncle JO". His other siblings are working as a minister. Well he says he's from the Philippines and eats MSG, so he must be Oriental. That said. He's at home playing with dogs and going to the movies and having his mom dress him? As some club. He works diligently and gives his best every week.". Our definitions of cute and adorable vary widely. It's American Sign Language for "I love you". Love, uncle JO. Jonathan appeals to a new generation, calling many young men and women to the faith, and a new life. Jonathan Osteen is the third generation in his family to preach the word of God, following in his father and grandfather's footsteps. While he was staring out the window and the wife and daughter were distracted with yogurt, his son spent most of the time waiting giving me flirty looks. (Masks and all, but people know who us is.). He does look gay, but he will end up in some Michele/Marcus Bachmann type marriage, advocating conversion therapy. Based on the fact that OP is retarded, R10. Why do they all have to make the Devil hand sign? At the time of his grandfather John's death, Jonathan was three years old, and his sister Alexandra was just two months old. R38 is kidding but there seems to be a slight possibility. Back when they used to fly commercial, she was horrible to a flight attendant on the way to Vail to ski. Here's a tip to Jonathan, stop smiling so much or you'll turn into your old man. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. While speculations are floating around the internet of him getting married, the 24-year-old is still single. That's why we could sing, 'for everything we've seen there is more to come. Or he may be adopted. Come on, DL, investigate this NOW! Finally, on January 17, 1999, at his father's urging, Joel gave his first sermon at  Lakewood Church. ughh kill it with fire, it has taylor lautner’s alpaca face/nose. Each of their mouths was made for sucking girthy cock. I don't kmow why his son is Latino. As the Osteen children grew, they, too, became an integral part of the services, singing and playing music for the congregation. [QUOTE]Could Jonathan Osteen be the next DL obsession? Every moment felt special. Datalounge/4-chan gloats about homophobic televangelists now? He looks better in the singing video than in the photos. I think what's throwing us off is that we're seeing either Mom or Dad's original nose. Gay man: Hitler's son is so cute. I don't know where the information that they are Jews from Brooklyn came from? Please complete the process by verifying your email address. To learn more about making a donation to Joel Osteen Ministries, visit our "Why Give?" Conchata Ferrell from 'Two and a Half Men' Died at 77 — What Happened to Other Cast Members? Sorry, their bogus beliefs and indulgent lifestyle paid for by poor people makes them both extremely unattractive to me. It's obvious it's him as the caption says so. He’s a closeted gay man trying to suppress his same sex desires. For those wondering where he gets his looks from. I suspect he is gay and if so, he is in a tough spot. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies." Age: Jonathan Osteen is 24 years old. R48, aren't you familiar with FAKE NEWS by now? That's Jonathan singing in R95's post. He's waiting for me. A post shared by Victoria Osteen | Author (@victoriaosteen) on Nov 9, 2019 at 5:54am PST. click ACCEPT Nationality: He is an American resident and holds American nationality. In 2016, the Lakewood Young Adults ministry, under the leadership of Jonathan Osteen, produced their first album, “Live in the Wonderful” where Jonathan wrote the title song, as well as “Etched”, “In the Name of Love”, and “Become”. If you are interested you can take a look at Joel Osteen Ministries is a qualified IRS Section 501(c)(3) OrganizationJoel Osteen Ministries Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity: No. For Joel, watching his own son follow in his footsteps and continue his father's work fills him with pride and a sense of God's purpose for his family. Yeah, I hope he is. every single site you visit? I doubt he'll ever come out; the father or the son. 24.5k Likes, 740 Comments - Jonathan Osteen (@jonathanosteen) on Instagram: “Many dads are proud of their sons but I am a son who is very proud of his dad. I'd give him the bone. Introduction : Personal Life & Family Background : Early Life & Education : Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth : Trivia, Height & Fun Facts : Currently Not Married. Is it me? Squinty eyes and toothy smile in a too wide face don't add up to cute. (Masks and all, but people know who us is. Madison Prewett Is Reportedly Dating NBA Star Michael Porter Jr — inside Her Personal Life, AmoMama Exclusive: Husband of a Breast Cancer Survivor Opens Up About Wife's Fight for Life, Kendra Wilkinson Is a Mother of 2 and Doesn't Want More Kids — inside Her Motherhood, Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline Are Proud Parents of 2 Kids — inside Their Strong Marriage, Milo Ventimiglia Is 43 and an Eligible Bachelor — Glimpse into His Personal Life. R115 Victoria is a dirty cunt slut! Many dads are proud of their sons but I am a son who is very proud of his dad. Sort of reminds me of DL twink icon Manolo Vergara. Both his parents are religious leaders at the Lake Wood Church. You'd think their dedicated flock would hang on his every word, but then again he's just the boss's kid with a weird lisp. Mom’s got great fashion sense, but no explanation for this 70’s porn moustache? So, it just naturally started to occur that I got more involved and here I am today.". [QUOTE]I wasn't a waiter, but when I was a manager of a frozen yogurt shop in Houston, Joel Osteen came in with his family. No way in hell Osteen and that harpy wife of his produced this boy. Hope he doesn't look like a creepy skeleton freak when he is his 'dad's' age. The FUCK? Or maybe that's just because I can't help but imagine the at-home drama of Joel screaming "I won't have a fag son!". The pornstache is nice. Hello and thank you for registering. Take me now! My moneys on the pool boy. 21.2k Likes, 822 Comments - Jonathan Osteen (@jonathanosteen) on Instagram: “I’ve always loved my dad, but I have a new appreciation for him after speaking my first message. He hasn't posted on Twitter in like a year. I mean it's to be expected, but still- aren't they 'worshippers'?

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