Regardless of the relationship with the operator, you can download the U+ IDOL LIVE app from Google Play Store, Apple App Store and One Store and watch “MAMAMOO’s MooMoo Trip” for free. The song "1cm (Taller Than You)" has Moonbyul bragging about how tall she is. Once you're done, you can use this email address to log in to V LIVE in case you forget your SNS account. By logging in, you agree to our Terms and Privacy. The fandom also likes to refer to Moonbyul as a hamster for her aforementioned incisor-baring smile and for how her nose crinkles whenever she smiles. If you'd like to help with translations, contact us! Translator: Shawn Business Registration Number: 220-81-62517 Communication Vendor Registration Number: 2006-GyeonggiSeongnam-0692 NAVER Corp. CEO, Seong Sook Han 313 (26.07.2017, with, (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (24.06.2017), (MBC) My Little Television (, (SBS) People Looking for a Laugh (30.11.2016), (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (13.11.2016), (KBS2) Immortal Songs 2: The Late Kim Hyunsik Episode (12.11.2016), (MBC) Idol Star Athletic Championships (15.09.2016, with, (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (02.09.2016), (MBC) We got Married: Solar X Eric Nam (25.06.2016, Ep. The chosen act will also cover one of the songs from the chooser act. The girls also revealed that the four started living together a year before their debut. See, Solar's given name, Yong-sun, translates to "deity's face." The 1st placed act from the 1st preliminary performances will get the priority to choose an act of their choice and cover one of their songs in this round. The former because of her near-limitless energy, and the latter because of an, Though not as prevalent, fans sometimes use a dragon to represent Solar.

Members of the audience will each vote for their favourite vocal unit and a favourite member of the performance unit. 12), (SBS) Baek Jong-won's Three Great Emperors (02.04.2016), (tvN) Dream Players (28.03.2016-18.04.2016, 4 episodes), (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (04.03.2016), (MBC) Idol Star Athletic Championships (10.02.2016, part 2), (MBC) Idol Star Athletic Championships (09.02.2016, part 1), (KBS2) National Idol Singing Contest (08.02.2016, small appearance), (KBS2) Immortal Songs 2 (07.11.2015, part 2), (KBS2) Immortal Songs 2 (31.10.2015, part 1), (MBC) Idol Star Athletics Championship (29.09.2015, part 2), (KBS2) National Idol Singing Contest (28.09.2015, special appearance), (MBC) Idol Star Athletics Championship (28.09.2015, part 1), (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (10.07.2015), (AfreecaTV) Anjunmou's Music (22.06.2015), (Arirang) Pops In Seoul; Star Track (20.04.2015), Hong Kyung Min Healing Talk Concert (17.09.2014), (KBS) Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook (16.08.2014), (Arirang) Pops In Seoul; Secret Box (17.07.2014), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon (15.03.2018), (KBS) Lee Suji's Gayo Plaza radio (09.03.2018), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon (05.07.2017), (SBS) Lee Guk Joo's Youngstreet (03.07.2017), (KBS) Le Hongki Kiss The radio (30.06.2017), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon (02.12.2016), (MBC) FM4U Tei's Dream Radio (22.11.2016), MAMAMOO Melon Star Dj Radio: '4tune Cookie Event' (04.02.2016-14.03.2016, 10 episodes), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon (10.03.2015), (SBS) Park So Hyun's Love Game (07.03.2016), (SBS) Lee Guk Joo's Youngstreet (27.07.2015), (MBC) 2PM's Date Radio Park Kyunglim (14.07.2015), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon (10.07.2015), (SBS) Park So Hyun Love Game (06.07.2015), (KBS) Kim Sung Joo's Music Plaza (03.07.2015), (SBS) Kim Chang Ryul's Old School (22.06.2015), (SBS) Kim Chang Ryul's Oldschool (10.09.2014), (MBC) Kim Shin Young Music Party (31.07.2014), (SBS) Kim Chang Ryul's Oldschool (27.07.2014), August 13-14 - Seul, South Korea - Olympic Park Hall, March 03-05 - Seul, South Korea - Olympic Park Hall, August 19-20 - Busan, South Korea - KBS Busan Hall, August 18-19 - Seul, South Korea - SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, September 02 - Hong Kong, China - Asia World Expo Hall 2, Octuber 07 - Tokyo - Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball, 4th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: Rookie of the Year (2014), MBC Show Champion (09/03): "You're the Best", Mnet M! “ MAMAMOO’s MooMoo Trip ” will air every Wednesday, starting with the first broadcast on U+ IDOL Live at 6 pm on July 29th, and consists of a total of six episodes. By selecting [Agree], you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by V LIVE. This process goes on for the 2nd placed act, and the remaining 2 acts not chosen will automatically become a pair to cover each other's songs. You need to verify your email address the first time you make a purchase. For the preliminary performances, if one act gets 6th places twice, they would have to step down from the show. If 1 act doesn't put themselves in to the cue sheet by the end of the 10 minutes, a 1,000 points penalty will be ruled to that act. Prepared with pre-simple releases before their official debut as a group. 165. videos. Follow The ONLY Mamamoo (마마무) source dedicated to providing quality English translations and subtitled videos. About Mamamoo The four-member female group; Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In and Hwa Sa, they united to show the world of K-Pop their jazz style, rap, and unique R&B combination to succeed in today's music industry., Mamamoo X Song SoHee - After this Night (26.12.2015) [KBS Entertainment Awards Presentation], Basick X Mamamoo - Stand Up (21.08.2015) [Show Me The Money 4 Presentation], Mamamoo X DAY6 [KCON NY 2016 Presentation], (Olleh TV) A Lucky Day (2018, 8 Episodes), (Youtube) MAMAMOOTV3 (2017-2018, Currently 18 Episodes), (MBC Every1) Showtime MAMAMOO X GFRIEND (2016, 8 Episodes), (YouTube) MAMAMOOTV2 (2015-2016, 13 episodes), (YouTube) MAMAMOOTV: The Everyday Life of Beagle Idols (2014-2015, 10 Episodes), (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (21.07.2018), (KBS2) Happy Together (12.07.2018, part 2), (KBS2) Happy Together (05.07.2018, part 1), (KBS WORLDTV) Idol Show K-Rush S3 (16.03.2018), (Mnet) I Can See Your Voice (16.03.2018), (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (10.03.2018), (KBS2) Immortal Song 2 (09 y 16.12.2017, part 1 & 2), (MBC Every1) Weekly Idol Ep. MAMAMOO has prepared their own freebies for MooMoo, and will be featured in a raffle as an event on the U+ Idol Live app. the others were in on it the whole time, and had been given a counter-mission to stop her.

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