Members of the girl ... Leia (formerly known as Larissa when promoting through RaNia) was revealed as a member, thus becoming the first Kpop idol of Brazilian decent. He’s a really really really really really bad boy!! Ttabo being in China just because of Chuseok so there is nothing to worry about. Disbanded Kpop girl groups that deserve so much better management. i just don't understand how the company is still trying. Members of the girl group Rania have been taking turns deactivating their social media platforms at an alarming rate. Furthermore, the members will be using their birth names instead of using their stage names from RANIA. At the beginning of 2011, Sarah Wang made her decision to leave the gr… I mean is it really beneficial to still promote under the name Rania even if all the original members are gone? At the same time fans started to question all the members about Rania. On June 26, 2020, Hyeme announced via Instagram that the group would rebrand as B.S. After many weeks Rania finally returned to their practice room.

With it being months since the planned August 2018 comeback and no statement from DR Music. RaNia - the girl group debuted way back in 2011 with "Dr. Feel Good" and received so much attention because of the choreography of their song. Because company dont have another money maker. The agency also stated that a group comeback will be pushed back to August. Let’s hope we get an official statement soon from DR Music.

They are not as famous as other girl groups but they are not that unknown. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Disbanded Kpop Girl Groups List Disbanded Kpop Girl Groups: *For the active Kpop girl groups please visit: Kpop Girl Groups # 10×10 1NB 1PS 2EYES 2NE1 CL Park Bom Sandara Park Minzy 4L 4MINUTE Jihyun Gayoon HyunA JENYER Sohyun 4Some 84LY 9MUSES Moon Hyuna A A.B.O A_label A-Plus ACE After School Uee Raina Nana E-Young […] Here's The All-Time Girl Group Ranking From 2007-2020 Voted By K-Netizens — Who’s Unbreakable.

I just hope they include Alex in this batch of promotions and not have her on stage for a total of 5 seconds. so many members left in 2016 because they know the group will never reach success 5 years into their career, like does their company think that they'll all of a sudden gain popularity and become the national gg? Their vocals are at the top and could rival Mamamoo. Netizens talk about BTS' Grammy submissions, Kim Joo Hun steals the show on the first episode of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk's new drama 'Start-Up', 5 Girl Groups Who Paved the Way For BLACKPINK, Jungyeon to sit out on TWICE's promotions for 2nd album due to anxiety issues, Here are the top 3 individual male K-Pop idols in terms of brand value rankings for October, Pentagon express their longing with 'Daisy' choreography video, BTS continues its winning streak with "Dynamite" after 2 months since the release, Popular YouTuber Josh posts an apology video and announces to take a break from all activities online, Netizens react to sneak previews of the official M/V for Refund Sisters' "Don't Touch Me", Netizens accuse Black Swan's "Tonight" MV of Plagiarism, TWICE excites fans with a sneak peek at their possible comeback hairstyles, Brand King BTS's Jimin tops the Boy Group Individual Brand Reputation for 22 Consecutive Months and trends in South Korea with 3 hashtags, BLACKPINK's Jennie reveals which 'Knowing Brothers' castmate is her ideal type, Chinese customs reportedly block BTS merchandise due to alleged pro-Hong Kong message, BLACKPINK's Lisa gives lesson on Thai 'crab dance' on 'Knowing Brothers', BLACKPINK to perform once again on ABC's 'Good Morning America'. Rania was originally put together with the goal of breaking the American market.
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This group's disbandment was probably the most shocking one. i don't think they should disband, they should however get better management cause thier label is a damn mess. Here's Why ITZY Lia is NOT a Lazy Dancer Like What Haters Claim, Do You Know Why Dating Is Complicated In K-pop World? DR Music tried to negotiate resigning, but the members decided not to. The official Rania Instagram haven’t been updated since September. The three members will be debuting in a new girl group named Ela8te under Hama Entertainment. Glam - the other group that was formed by Big Hit, is a four member girl group (originally five) that debuted in 2012. However, this goal was repeatedly delayed.

no offense to you rania stans but why and how is rania still alive? T-ae, Riko and Yina were chosen to star alongside former 2PM member Jay Parkin his movie Hype Nation, causing DR Music to push back the group's debut. The Ark, Kiss and Cry, Rania, and Glam should have not disbanded because of their potential. Are you able to predict the future or something? Because they're waiting for them to complete 7 years to keep the curse alive. idk lol, It seems like the longer they stay around, the more people who have no interest in them get pressed by their mere existence~. I used to love RANIA, but let's be real, they don't have a future as a group. Rania doesn't need to disband. © OneHallyu 2020. none of their songs have done well on korean charts and isn't it about time to just let them go? [2011.04.06] Dr Feel Good [2011.11.17] POPPOPPOP [2012.10.21] 스타일 (STYLE) [2013.03.08] Just Go [2013.07.05] 업 (UP) [2015.11.05] Demonstrate [2016.12.30] Start A Fire [2017.08.12] Beep Beep Beep [2017.09.20] Breathe Heavy [2018.09.07] 스타일 (STYLE) [New Member Selfie MV] Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. Playing Hop Scotch On My Men's Jimmy Deans~~~. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. They need to find better management. They really had everything.

There are so many groups who debut every year. Kpop is super saturated right now. Since Ttabo did not say anything at all to the members. Maybe someone found out when their contracts expire and they won't leave the company until 2019? It has been revealed that RANIA’s Xia, Di, and T-ae have all left the group as well as agency DR Music. After a long hiatus, last year, they came back with a new member, Seulji and Alex, who is the very first African-American person to be in a kpop group. And why does the timeline goes till 2019? When that did not happen fans started emailing DR Music. When that did not happen fans started emailing DR Music. Previously in November Namfon responded to a fan base named Rania Turkey. In Hyeme’s broadcast she had said that DR Music has no money. All Rights Reserved. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. They again, came back with "Just Go" and again, the lineup was not complete. They went through many member changes and that affected the group so much. Ingeniomedia is a company that they used to work with about a couple of years ago.

Kill This Love Jpn Version incoming. I could ask you the same thing false santa. Many of them do not even recieve attention and still comes back while there are groups with decent fame and disbands.

nu uh honey. This comes as many fans was starting to believe that Rania disbanded or about to disband. The members have either went on vacation or gone back home. Ttabo said to the fan “Would I have left if things were better of?” Previously in November Namfon responded to a fan base named Rania Turkey. RANIA had been planning on making a comeback in April, but it got delayed with the departure of members. They can change the line up all they want but if their management doesn't improve it will never work. It remains unclear whether the agency will continue with these plans now. I also do not know what happened to them and they deserve better! I feel like if Dahee's scandal did not happen, they could have made a comeback after BTS achieved everything they did. In September 2018 DR Music responded to a fan base called A1stsherlock. Lord. Over the period of time of DR Music refusing to answer anything concerning Rania. It has been revealed that RANIA’s Xia, Di, and T-ae have all left the group as well as agency DR Music. They came back in 2012 with "Style" but not including all members in the lineup. Rania to come back this summer! DR Music claimed that the members was just on vacation. When the news about Ttabo leaving Rania was posted. Larissa went back to … Check out the video below.

Earlier this month Ttabo responded to a fan about what Namfon said back in November. The Thai member Joy left before they followed "Dr. Feel Good" with "Masquerade" and "Pop Pop Pop". And the name 'Rania' still has popularity compared to debuting under a new group name. It's sad, though, they had some really nice songs like Style, Just Go, Secret Party and Killer. – Brain, Visual, Talent Overload, Experts Analyze Possible Comebacks/Debuts From SM, YG, JYP, & Big Hit Entertainment for Rest of 2020, Here Are K-Pop's Top 10 Female Visuals, According to Korea's Strict Beauty Standard, These K-Pop Idols Are The Global and Korean Ambassadors of The Top 15 Luxury Brand Fashion Houses, Get The Idol Glow With This Secret Ingredient, EXO Kai Will Reportedly Be Bobbi Brown's First-Ever Male Muse, Korean Netizens Praise BLACKPINK's "THE ALBUM" Photobook For Capturing How Gorgeous The Girls Are. More line up changes? The three members will be debuting in a new … they have gone thru so many lineup changes that there are no more original members. The music video of "The Light" is very meaningful I, myself, honestly do not know why in the world Music K Entertainment disbanded them. Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. Ttabo left Rania with no official statement made by DR Music. They could have been as famous as G-friend or at least Mamamoo if they did come back. Meanwhile on Hyeme’s Afreecatv broadcast she started to rant about DR Music.

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