Joe is visited by the young Ann Martin (Marsha Hunt) that works at the law firm that is defending him and she tells that after three years, Joe will certainly be on probation. Joe kisses her awake, and hours later the three of them squeeze into Ann's car and continue their escape. | It doesn't help a guy's good behavior. The attractive young lady has come to tell him that he might be eligible for parole in three years, that he should not lose hope. No consensus yet. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. Combustible Celluloid Review - Raw Deal (1948), written by John C. Higgins, Leopold Atlas, from a story by Arnold B. Armstrong, Audrey Ashley, directed by Anthony Mann, and with Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor, Marsha Hunt, John Ireland, Raymond Burr, Curt Conway, … Rick sends out Fantail (I love that name, by the way) to a scheduled meeting with Joe in a taxidermist's shop near the ocean…to finish him off. Probably One Of The Blackest Movies Ever Made, a classic tale of love gone awry, tough men in tight jams, and a lot of shadows, split light and fog. “Raw Deal” is a clipped, cutting classic noir from Anthony Mann, who went on to do bio-pics (“The Glenn Miller Story”), epics (“El Cid”) and most of Jimmy Stewart’s best Westerns, notably “Winchester ’73.”. Burr was a good heavy long before Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” before “Godzilla” and before he was the “Perry Mason” generations remembered before HBO went all prequel on the lawyer’s lawyer. It is an excellent example of the "film-noire" genre that was popular in the forties and early 50s. Folks can go on and on about a visual style. Safe. He does. In an unneeded melodramatic scene a wife killer flees up the mountainside and is tracked there by the police, who shoot him outside Joe’s hide-out. It's shocking to say the least. This guy had to be in just about every film made between 1944 and 1960. In a way, it is not the usual sort of narration we find in film noir: Trevor is usually shown as her voice, with that spooky electronic instrument providing harmony, come through on the soundtrack. | Rating: 3.5/4 0 Comment Report abuse nick gaetano. There are “dames” (Claire Trevor, Marsha Hunt), double-crosses and pitiless violence. I believe that this is to show the strong emotions in the face of the two women, and lack of emotion in Joe. We have witnessed a special poetic moment in noir film, a shot that has since become a classic, telling more in its contrasting light and dark images than words could ever express. [Tom von Logue Newth], [Gurkan Kilicaslan] (Turkish), Krell Laboratories [Christianne Benedict], Laura's Miscellaneous Musings [Laura Grieve], Maníacos por Filme [Claudio Carvalho] (Portuguese), Ozus' World Movie Reviews [Dennis Schwartz], Rotten Tomatoes - Reviews from the Nation's Top Critics, The Evening Class - Eddie Muller Interview With Marsha Hunt [Michael Guillen], The Films of Anthony Mann [Michael E. Grost], Through the Shattered Lens [Gary Loggins]. Metacritic Reviews, Combustible Celluloid [Jeffrey M. Anderson], der Film Noir de [Matthias Merkelbach] (German), FilmFracture: What's Your Time Worth? Though their gas tank is riddled with bullets and they have to abandon the car, Joe is still determined to see Rick in Crescent City and get his money. Pat notices that Joe is attracted to Ann, and she gets very jealous of her. Raw Deal is a simple story that basically begins with some character named Kaminski having to resign from the FBI and is demoted to sheriff in a small town but a friend of his, FBI chief "Harry Shannon" played by Darren McGavin has his son killed after a witness is killed who was going to testify against some mob boss played by Sam Wanamaker. the other night and was so blown away by the shadows, fog and downbeat tone that I got up at 4 in the morning to watch the whole movie repeated a couple of days later. But the title should have been "Corkscrew Alley". He is a criminal who is misunderstood and only commits crime out of necessity. Joe tries to console her, first by telling her that Fantail survived, and when it that doesn't really work, he tells her she did it to save him. There's a desperate prison escape, by hero O'Keefe, who's trying to get to Burr the crime boss, for whom he took a fall. External Reviews Can't hold a man like this! Although the film runs a scant 78 minutes, it manages to tell its story and hold the viewer's interest throughout. O'Keefe's dame is assuredly played by Claire Trevor, who helps him through the road blocks and dragnets, but is severely jealous once another woman enters the picture. This is about as noir as a person can get! Raw Deal Ratings & Reviews … It is an excellent film, very well made, and easy to get involved in. But Joe's fallen in love with a sympathetic caseworker (Marsha Hunt) and forces her to accompany him and Pat as they flee. MPAA Rating: Unrated, violence, and lots of it. But while in there he met a 'friend' Ann, wholesomely played by Marsha Hunt, an admirer of his past good deeds- as a child- and is taken along on the escape trip thanks to her getaway car. Felton dresses up “The Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”, Movie Preview: Sleep deprivation as torture porn? Trevor is at her fatalistic best as the true blue moll who is meant for him but gets stepped over. Create a free website or blog at Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. This is the kind of movie that you're waiting for Whit Bissell to show up. Again it stars James Cagney-wannabe Dennis O'Keefe this time as bad apple Joe Sullivan. The phone rings, Pat picks it up, and Spider tells her that Rick has Ann, and that he will do some very bad things to her if Joe doesn't show up. What they do not know is that the sadistic Rick wants to get rid off Joe and expects that Joe will be murdered or caught during the prison break. His chambers glow with candlelight, and he playfully singes the earlobes of his henchmen with a cigarette lighter. Claire Trevor providing voice-over narration to the accompaniment of a Theramin!

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