And he has expanded into permanent spaces in Kansas City, Mo., and western Massachusetts.

And the movement has spread across the U.S., with people challenging each other to see what life is like without alcohol and share in that experience. Julia Robinson for NPR He welcomes to Sans Bar people who are in recovery and those just curious about the sober life, as long as they are substance free when they arrive and while they're there. They're going without alcohol for 30 days, they explain, and are documenting their experience in a podcast and on Instagram at #boozelessATX. You can get an indirect measure of how much oxidative stress the liver is under by measuring an enzyme called GGT that helps replenish glutathione stores," White explains. "There's an antioxidant made by the liver called glutathione. The improvements were modest, White says, but the broad range of benefits the researchers documented was noticeable. Warrington, 43, has literally written the book on being ‘sober curious’ and has also become involved in creating and promoting alcohol-free events, believing that reducing consumption of alcohol is the next logical step in becoming a healthier society. The difference? "Sober curious describes a recent cultural phenomenon in which people are finding themselves questioning why they feel they need to drink, what drinking alcohol is really doing for them, if it's worth it, and if they might accomplish more without it," says self-described recovering alcoholic Evan Haines, co-founder of Alo House Recovery Center. "A lot of us are starting to really question what life is really all about. Chris Marshall has organized pop-up Sans Bars in New York, Washington, D.C., and Anchorage, Alaska. This simple habit is doing you so much harm. The chatter gets louder as the booze begins to flow. It included just 16 people who had been in the habit of drinking about two drinks per day on average. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. "I think 'sober curious' has become such a buzzword because it implies openness to something that is fresh, new, and potentially exciting—quite the opposite of the other terms we usually use for alcohol like 'quitting,' 'giving up,' or 'restricting,' which typically come with a negative connotation," says Ryn Gargulinski, a certified professional recovery coach at Rynski Coaching Club, who has been sober for more than 20 years. They're sipping handcrafted mocktails, with names like Baby's First Bourbon and Honey Dew Collins, featuring nonalcoholic distilled spirits. Instead of seeing alcohol as a substance that you want but can't have, the book aims to help you eradicate your desire to drink at all by revealing the effect that alcohol actually has on you. They wanted to see what new skills and activities they could try out while not consuming alcohol. He started drinking in high school, he says, and got his first DUI at 16. He finally got sober with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. It's open on Friday nights and some Saturdays — a comfortable place where people can talk, make sober friends, listen to music and, of course, drink some good nonalcoholic drinks. what life would look like without alcohol, FDA-approved amount of one alcoholic beverage, official criteria for alcohol use disorder.

The Sober Curious Movement. Meanwhile, the association between wine and motherhood also rose. To help understand how taking a break from alcohol can influence healthy functioning of the liver, researchers in the Netherlands carried out a separate study to document the biochemical effects of one month of alcohol abstinence. hide caption.

Fortunately, the new generation doesn’t seem to be as enamored with alcohol as the ones that came before them. Can I do it? On Instagram alone, there are nearly 64,000 posts with the hashtag #sobercurious and almost 216,000 more tagged #sobermovement.On the surface, the meaning of the term "sober curious" isn't difficult to glean; it suggests that one is interested in what life would look like without alcohol. Still, curious, I went to an AA meeting in July, and while I thought that the people there were heroes for battling and overcoming their addictions, I didn't feel like I really fit in. A 2019 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that quitting or moderating alcohol was associated with better mental health and overall quality of life, especially among women. It indicates that alcoholism is a spectrum, and that the stereotype of an unemployed old man drinking beer out of a paper bag on a park bench is not a one-size-fits-all description. While alcohol is described as a ‘social lubricant’, is it so important to our evening entertainment that it’s inescapable? In addition to the health concerns that come with drinking, "there is also a sort of spiritual dimension as well," he adds.
Diana is a senior editor who writes about sex and relationships, modern dating trends, and health and wellness. Like most of my friends, I drink more than the FDA-approved amount of one alcoholic beverage per day for women. A so-called Sober Curious movement that's been gaining in popularity focuses on eliminating alcohol for health, sleep and wellness reasons, and its founder encourages people to participate by asking them to imagine "what it's like to live hangover free.". After a monthlong break, researchers measured levels of a liver enzyme called gamma-glutamyltransferase, or GGT. Sophie wants others to know that "alcoholics come in all shapes and sizes and levels of severity.".

Still, abstaining from alcohol — on a short-term basis or longer term — is becoming more common. Chris Marshall is a certified substance abuse counselor and the founder of Sans Bar, a venue for "the nightlife experience" without the alcohol, in Austin, Texas. Now there's "Dry July" and even "Sober September." It's not about how much you drink or even why you do it; it's about evaluating the effect that it has on your body, your mind, and your life. Sans Bar has become so popular that Marshall took the concept on the road this year. The conspiracy theory is spreading like wildfire. They're part of a sober social club, made up mostly of women in their 30s who want to have fun and make friends without alcohol. Your friends are talking about it. It wasn’t until I discovered the sober curious movement that I found the language for it. "We're finding that we can fill our days," Daniel says, "but sometimes the nights are hard." "They had improvements in insulin sensitivity, their blood pressure numbers improved and their livers looked a little healthier."
Get a movie star mane by shaking up your routine. A 2016 British study of about 850 men and women who volunteered to abstain from alcohol during Dry January found that participants reported a range of benefits. "Sober curious is truly just what it sounds like," says Emily Lynn Paulson, author of Highlight Real: Finding Honesty and Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life, who has been sober since 2017. "The findings of these studies are actually very surprising," White says.

The study was small. From shows such as The Simpsons to Mad Men, alcoholic beverages are used to conjure feelings of relaxation and enjoyment. Still, the findings were provocative, scientists say, and merit following up. The sober-curious movement disputes the notion that drinking is cool, sexy or necessary. Drinking on an empty stomach was a disaster, as it made it harder to predict the effect that it had, and gave me debilitating hangover-based anxiety the following day. Health risks linked to heavy, long-term drinking are well known, but this is some of the first evidence to help scientists understand how the body responds to even a short break from moderate alcohol use. Alcohol is, after all, bad for you. So far, they've discovered archery lessons, played flag football, checked out motorcycles at a biker rally and joined a free improv class.

When it comes to socializing, it’s hard to think of many evening scenarios where alcohol is not a part of the scene. "Not everybody wants to get wasted when they go to the bar," says Forte. Experts explain the new movement. With the rise of the sober curious and a new generation of non-drinkers emerging, alcohol could start to retreat from the mainstream which spells good news, not only for our nation's health but our collective finances and our health service. On the contrary, it felt like a cage that was keeping me trapped. Ruby Warrington, the leading voice of the movement, suggests that people should simply question the mindset behind drinking situations, instead of simply agreeing to go and get another round in. But does it have to be this way? I myself fall into the latter category. Not only that but it is synonymous with weight gain, with many drinks containing as many calories as a portion of junk food. A few too many drinks can not only cause you to feel rough in the morning but make a serious dent in your bank account. The sober curious movement is a departure from the way in which we traditionally view drinking. I started reading The Naked Mind by Annie Grace, which promises to help you "stop drinking" rather than "quit drinking."

I listened, sympathetically, to a man who was seven years sober talk about how alcohol landed him in prison three times. "Then you'd watch shows like The Good Wife where the main character, who's a top lawyer with a family, always has a glass of wine in her hand. Sometimes, being there is just about wanting to be social and fit in. Well—if your goal is to have a really healthy brain. hide caption. "Better sleep" was cited by 62 percent, and 49 percent said they lost some weight. "As opposed to people who identify as alcoholics or problem drinkers, sober curious people are generally defined as those who still have the option to choose. Ruby Warrington, author of the book "Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection … On Instagram alone, there are nearly 64,000 posts with the hashtag #sobercurious and almost 216,000 more tagged #sobermovement. I couldn't believe how much harder it was to get through the workout, how much heavier my body felt, and how much weaker just one beer made my muscles. Without alcohol, they say, they just feel better. Well, one thing that was noticeable to pretty much everybody was my overall health and, like, my skin, my eyes.

But if you can and want to experiment with cutting out alcohol while others around you are drinking, Marshall offers these tips for sticking to it: Be vocal about your plans not to drink, bring a friend who supports you and demand a good substitute beverage. I lost weight," says Stephanie Forte, who works in sales in the beauty industry. Some who have given up booze altogether join "sober sometimes" friends to enjoy nonalcoholic drinks at Sans Bar in Austin, Texas. Loosid offers those who don't drink the chance to look for love without the influence of alcohol.

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