most-celebrated movie soundtracks in history), Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”.
Golden Globe Awards. And the phrase “take my breath away”, which comprises most of the chorus, is an expression of the exhilarating expectation the singer has once she does in fact meet up with her lover.

Watching every motion In my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean Finally lovers know no shame Turning and returning To some secret place and time Watching in slow motion As you turn around and say Take my breath away Take my breath away Watching I keep waiting Still anticipating love Never hesitating To become the fated ones Turning and returning Watching in slow motion As you turn to me … illustrious career. Thus the verses themselves have the effect of building up this passionate intensity.

"Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk" describes a time in Rufus Wainwright's life when he found himself hungover and pounding chocolate milk to feel better.

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And the lyrics of this track are theorized to point to the idea of romantic longing in sense of said officers being separated from their lovers for extended periods of time (and vice versa). Many Michael Jordan highlight videos used this song. Singles Chart and music charts in Belgium, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands. The frontman for one of Canada's most well-known punk rock bands talks about his Eddie Vedder encounter, Billy Talent's new album, and the importance of rock and roll. It didn't work, so he smoked a cigarette, which is when he realized his addictive personality could be a problem. And the phrase “take my breath away”, which comprises most of the chorus, is an expression of the exhilarating expectation the singer has once she does in fact meet up with her lover. Artists who have covered “Take My Breath Away” throughout the years include Jessica Simpson (2004), Diana Ross (2007) and the cast of the television musical “Glee” (2012). To satisfy viewer demand, the theme was made into a full song and released as a single. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, This was written by the songwriting team of Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock, who also wrote Kenny Loggins' ", Recalling inspiration for the lyric, Tom Whitlock said: "The title was a phrase that had been running through my mind, in terms of asking for that kind of awe, something so striking that you can't breathe.

and even some would say unforgettable tune which originally came to us via Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. She auditioned for the role of Princess Leia in, This won the 1986 Oscar for Best Original Song, beating out ", Most synthesizer-based hits of the era were uptempo tunes, but this was a rare synth ballad. This is the From the cowbell on "Mississippi Queen" to recording with The Who when they got the wrong Felix, stories from one of rock's master craftsmen. Even before Soundgarden wrote a song about him, Artis was the most famous spoon player of all time. The phrase "it took my breath away" is generally used in american colloquial english to mean "it astounded me", such as one's first sight of the grand canyon can "take one's breath away". Gun”. Breath Away” won Best Original Song at both the 1986 Academy Awards and

Berlin is a The lyrics to “Take

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that this is their signature song, having topped the Billboard Hot 100, UK And Mr. Moroder also produced the song. It’s super easy, we promise! This is outside of “Take My Breath Away” also charting in over 10 other thing to note is that “Take My Breath Away” was initially offered to The TV show Cheers was nearly canceled after its first season, but the theme song, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," was very popular. new-wave band that is actually from California. There's never a song like it. to cause an overwhelming feeling in someone due to something (grandeur, beauty, etc.)

The meaning of "take my breath away" in this song has always meant for me "surprise and thrill me".

", "Baby One More Time" was originally offered to TLC but they passed on it. the National Basketball Association also released a memorable Michael Jordan tribute video with “Take My Breath Away” playing in the background as part of

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