Struggling with a college application, Brady works on a surfboard instead and accidentally forgets about a college fair that he was to attend with Mack, upsetting her to the point that they break up. When Zoey's mom remarries, Zoey finds it hard adjusting to her new life - no longer the only kid in the family. Things are fine in the beginning. Later, in marine biology class, Brady is working on designs for a surfboard, but hides it when Mack asks him what he's up to.

Cowabunga! Teen Beach Movie - DVD Trailer 1:44. Cowabunga! The movie characters return to Wet Side Story. Catch a perfect wave of fun in the sun, splashed with excitement, surprises and budding romance. Teen Beach 2 is a 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Jeffrey Hornaday.The sequel to the 2013 film Teen Beach Movie, it premiered on Disney Channel on June 26, 2015. Title: Lela then finds the necklace she gave Mack washed up on the beach, and Lela and Tanner go into the ocean, ultimately winding up in the present day real world, where they are stunned by all of the modern day advances.Brady and Mack run into each other on the beach, still with tension, but they spot Lela and Tanner and reunite with them. Brady and Mack bring Lela and Tanner to school, where their movie characteristics come out against Mack and Brady's cautions, culminating in a big musical number in the cafeteria. Add the first question.
Brady then alludes to his rough patch with Mack, and reveals that he's been working on unique surfboards; he says that Mack can't know because she might not get it, given her plans to go to college. Mack then bumps into Spencer Watkins (Ross Butler), who Alyssa said was the cutest guy in school, and Brady becomes defensive.

4.0 out of 5 stars Liked the first movie better. Still, Teen Beach 2 lacks a bit of the charm exhibited in the first movie, although that will not matter much to fans of the original. Mack then notices she lost the necklace she received while in Wet Side Story's universe. Meanwhile, the characters in Wet Side Story are confused without Lela and Tanner. Before Tanner and Lela leave, Mack tells Lela to make the movie her story. Modern day teens Mack and Brady get a real world visit from Lela, Tanner, Butchy, and other surfer and biker pals from the beach party film within a film, Wet Side Story. This leads to another argument between them, which disturbs Lela and Tanner. Looking for some great streaming picks? This FAQ is empty.

Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell), are surfing together at a beach near McKenzie's grandfather's hut.
It is the eve of the first day of school for Mack (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch), who spend it at Dolphin's Cove celebrating their "meet-iversary" and reminiscing about the summer and the day they met at Dolphin's Cove over Brady's favorite movie, Wet Side Story, the movie Mack and Brady got stuck in during the events of Teen Beach Movie ("Best Summer Ever"). Brady is a happy-go-lucky surfer dude with good looks and an easy-going personality. They then tell Lela and Tanner that they are just characters in a movie, showing them clips from Wet Side Story ("Silver Screen"). At school, Brady and Mack reunite with their respective friends, Devon and Alyssa, who are surprised by their new relationship due to their opposite personalities. Mack dismisses Brady's fear that their relationship will change when they begin school. A snowboarder takes lessons from a former champion, inspiring him to reach for the stars once again. Brian Lowry of wrote that while the songs were generally great and the storyline was easy to understand, "Everything else is really just the storytelling equivalent of pulling taffy, trying to create enough impediments to keep the narrative clunking along until the next spontaneous outbreak of song.

Modern day teens Mack and Brady get a real world visit from Lela, Tanner, Butchy, and other surfer and biker pals from the beach party film within a film, Wet Side Story. Brady becomes defensive when Mack meets a handsome boy named Spencer Watkins.

When Butchy disappears with the necklace, Brady and Mack run to get Mack's grandfather's surfboard, which they first used to get into the Wet Side Story universe. ", "Disney filmará en la Isla "Teen Beach Movie 2, "Review: 'Teen Beach 2' On Disney Channel", "Ratings: Disney's Teen Beach 2 Flirts With 6 Million (Frustrated?) On April 27, 2014, a sequel, Teen Beach 2, was announced as slated to premiere in 2015 on Disney Channel, with production set for July 2014 in Puerto Rico. He also shows Tanner his surfboards, and alludes that Mack might not understand his newfound hobby. Mack says no; she then notices she lost the necklace she received while in Wet Side Story's universe. Mack, meanwhile, tries to convince Lela that the movie world was better, but when she suggests that Lela only needs a boy who loves her, Lela uses Mack's words against her.

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