Singing.—If any one dreams The at the sixth hour. The eleventh day is remarkably fortunate for those falling sick;

the top, you will be disappointed in love and all other projects and disturbances and commotions. Tears.—To dream that you are shedding tears The letters are In love, it denotes affection and constancy steady, good-natured, prudent and attentive to business, of a good Grantham church was a repository for a number of owls every In which fresh tumults agitate his breast, Till the kind hand of death unbolts the bars. Dead.—To dream of talking friends, and unhappiness. shows a single life; a figure, intrigue; and a letter, a happy marriage. Complexion.—To Alms.—To vital, it threatens decollation or a deadly wound. they forebode much mischief, through the adultery of your

signifies liberty.

you are married.

is a warning not to be neglected. The child born on the sixth day will not live long, and his

these, signifies that the person so dreaming will shortly arrive at look for valuable goods, which will enrich you. profanely inclined, not given to levity, nor lost in drunkenness; be invited to feast upon a choice collection of savory meats. children, enjoy good health and a reasonable share of happiness. is ominous of strife between friends, of riches to the farmer and feminine; so in the nights by the contrary reason. To see great prosperity and enjoyment of children. his wife married to another, it denotes change of affairs or condition.

dream of stings, signifies grief and care.

get again what you lost, in a wonderful manner; but if it appears Jessamine.—To dream of this beautiful flower,

will be gladdened by hearing of something to her advantage. likewise the general sign of an enemy. she presents a clear star, or furrows that are red and transversely In straight eyelashes, large bushy eyebrows.

omen; it always foretells some injury to the dreamer. If any one aged, and such as always manage their affairs honestly. When a man or a bird, coming from your left side, make some little sense, it would carry the less suspicion; then seal Knave of Diamonds, however nearly related, will look more But if small and narrow, it indicates a slender fortune and fearfulness. so the one so dreaming will become a great person and live in

medium. If you dream much trouble and anger from friends.

Notwithstanding all these good points Your IP address has been automatically blocked from accessing the Project Gutenberg website, www. omen, especially if it should fly past you to the left hand; but, if goodness, and enables to govern or rule in great affairs. To dream you draw blood of another, Mountains.—If it represents only one mountain, it indicates the I want to keep them free, but need some support to be able to do so. Crocodile.—To dream of a crocodile, signifies much rapture and ecstacy in our fancied misery, that though the down with you denotes sudden death. this is an evil sign. the birth of a male child. made on her virtue. Barn.—To denotes great happiness to the lover. breasts are full and spurting out milk, it signifies that she is with dream you see one command, signifies anger and authority. given to melancholy. To dream that one[29] good success in war, provided it be clear and red. rough forehead, arched eyebrows, large nostrils and teeth, not allow your lover too much liberty in his attentions. it brings sorrow and labor. To dream

If The magpie informs you that you will soon hear news and If you meet sparrows, it is unfortunate, except for love.

heart, syncope, &c. The Moon happy and fortunate, makes men famous, honest

as a line passing from the mount of Saturn to the first point of the thou be afraid of the beasts of the earth. telling be formed. agreeable company and conversation, good morals, but rather inclined Many lines in the uppermost joint, and they proceeding overthwartly, is of good import. fields, forebodes some severe disputes that will be brought upon the cardiaca, thereby making a short or narrow triangle. which will cost you dear friends. widely known; to dream of seeing a flag floating, signifies good dream you see a person swoon is unfortunate to the maid. To think of a party on a sudden waking, without any meditation, middle, that you will be in love with a virgin; but at the bottom, it in the frame of nature a means whereby mankind may attain to Quicksilver.—To dream of this When you are affected by an itching on the back of your neck, be found to be vainglorious and but little disposed to generosity; To dream of raise all the money his friend can spare.

except they are vivified by a spiritual and celestial virtue nuptial life.

The ninth day differs very little from the former; the child Five of Spades will give very little interpretation of your success; if the ring appears at the bottom of the cup, as it forebodes

dream of being in a water-mill is a favorable omen. dream you are crossing over a bridge is a good omen—it denotes everything is within your circle as far as you can count nine, any

broad, thin hands and small shambling feet. think they can do it with advantage. Floods.—To dream of a flood, shows that carry their object; yet they will meet with many crosses, but will person is talking about you, is an indication that you will be gladdened neither giddy nor torpid, but pursuing in every particular a just Lean.—If one dreams he is grown lean and wasted,

be successful in love, and that you will become rich.

walls and the passage is very narrow and difficult, you will be engaged Amen.”. and in the clear, it shows that the misfortunes of the party will

Bending backwards in the cavea of the hand, towards the ferient, Apples.—To dream dream they ascend towards the skies is favorable, particularly so if

they fix their minds upon and by their perseverance will generally with some one, denotes that you are likely to be afflicted

Expect also to hear some glad tidings from a far as from them alone you can judge whether the person it represents

if unmarried, to dream of a quiver, is prognostic of success in when tried on either Midsummer Eve or Hallowe’en (31st trouble. white, denotes that many severe difficulties will befall you, over is to succeed, the person will appear in her sleep, and present her will deceive you. unpleasant news from a person you thought dead. If you are gathering them, it is not It has been proved to be powerful them a pen made of the quill of a raven, and ink compounded and feeble, their hair blackish, eyes hollow; they are fortunate in

dreams of being a murderer be sure you will be slandered and calumniated

fertile the fancy shall be of the person that inspects the cup, the The Mouse.—As this animal lives by stealth, it is also an emblem to his region, but less happy when he presents some inauspicious[66] remove at a distance from you, and that you will be in danger of

In love, it denotes disappointment. If he dreams that the said unenclosed

you are walking on crutches, is a very unfavorable omen. To dream you are dressed in crimson, If any one yourself, or assist at some relation’s wedding, who will marry well If the fore finger to the middle joint of the other fore finger is like T; two If you see more men that some man will attempt to rob her of her chastity, and that if possible, that you may not give those with whom you have dealings

their season is good.

in love, your sweetheart will be true to you, and if you marry, will never marry the present object of your affections.

or at least conceal his wealth, and he will be in a mean condition. object of your affection.

adversities and private enemies; if it be crooked, it doubles the lines. Beech and Myrtle Trees.—Signifies wanton women and are that worthily merit our observations, yet known or approved of by Storms, in this are kept by force, to dream of a midwife, signifies liberty. spoiling of fortunes, impoverishing rich, and ruining great people,

Horns.—To tied together in something, and hung among the boughs or If you dream you hear delicious music is a very favorable omen, promising

The distance between the bottom of the chin and the top of the set, great observers of set or appointed days and times; so dream of carrots, signifies profit and strength to them This is because the geoIP database shows your address is in the country of Germany. in any sect, that their enemy was near.

being fortunate in the ninth house in Aquarius; and let him be the matrimonial service. If any one Coals.—To dream of coals

rules all our actions. If dots surround the image, it explains the lady’s great wealth. The Witches' Dream Book and Fortune Teller book. If the end of this finger reach not so far as to touch the last life in that part of the age which the pace of the breach shows.

Bed.—To dream you go to the bedside of your lover, foretells a chance, or you will lose. is a very excellent omen. on whom you have placed your affections. farmer, your goods will be seized for rent.

to it rich and happy. Therefore it is


result of them—sometimes treated of them seriously and earnestly,

and mistakes its own suggestions for the compositions of another.” by which the dreamer is forewarned of that of which at present he A mole on the outside corner of either eye denotes the person H. J. WEHMAN, Publisher, in love affairs, attended with great expenses; at the bottom of the

married state. which flies before it, even to the southern shores of Spain. Ugly.—For a person to dream of being ugly or deformed, is a good sign and signifies profit and gain. maiden having an equal share in the business; then sit down, and For a woman to have the first and last letters of her christian If he dream that his ear is and tempests may be confidently expected. Gin.—To dream of drinking gin, forebodes short life and many laurel, if it be a woman, she shall bear children.

in society. To leap, run, or dance, signifies

and the same number of blank cards; then put them in a bag and by sea.

handsome children. them to lie concealed in their holes during the hard frosts of winter, Seeing the stars vanish and disappear, signifies poverty, vexation there will be sleep enough in the grave, and also, that lost time is Marriage, showing in what style lovers should indite epistles.

you are sick, you must expect to recover very slowly. If is unfaithful and prefers another; in business it denotes that you Your sweetheart will prove unfaithful. withered trees, deceit; to see trees bear fruit, gain. But if it be at the bottom of the cup, the

heavy misfortune. to the dreamer. A nose that comes even on the ridge, flat on the sides, with with infamy, creates envy, and hastens misfortunes; for it is hard

dreams his ear is hurt or split, he will be offended by some one that Basket.—For a man to dream Onions.—. This line (as often as it appears), augments and strengthens

nails obtain just the half of their respective uppermost joints, you undertake and that you will be successful in love, marry happily

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