Guacamole? Start a photo and memories album. We've Got Tons of Info to Help You Decide, 200 Best Crock Pot Recipes and Easy Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas for the Family. Learn a dance. This Sneak Peek at the First Four-Chair Turn of. Clean out your closet. 6 Ways to Tell If Someone's Lying, According to Former CIA Officers, 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Statue of Liberty (She Was Almost Gold! You know that corner that hasn't been organized since you moved in? Unfortunately, the only way to have done a workout is to do a workout. Create a little of your own sunshine by making every 5 year old’s dream come true: ice cream for dinner!

Have each family member create one character. Stop and smell the flowers – literally.

Maybe some overnight oats?

You don't need a destination — just a great playlist and the open road. 10. Artichoke? Ahh, can you imagine it? Create an at-home spa experience with a mani-pedi. Thanks for signing up! Create it and make sure to put it on the menu at your next dinner party. Use apps like Seamless or Uber Eats to support your favorite local grub spot. Buy gift cards online from your favorite neighborhood shops.

It doesn’t technically have to be your birthday to … Search “happy birthday + [your name]” on YouTube. Bills?

Then you get a bonus activity: choosing where to display it.


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11. Maybe it’s time to swap for the next season?

Please, appreciate your great fortune, get in it, and take a bath. So, when it feels like the seconds are just dragging on, here are 50 fun things to do when you’re bored! Give your furniture more of a role in your calm by researching the philosophy of feng shui and seeing what’s best for your home. See the the Fashion and Fun From the 2020 Billboard Music Awards—Including Kelly Clarkson's Showstopping Looks! Open the bottles you have already in the house.

Lizz Schumer is the staff writer for Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, and Prevention, covering pets, culture, lifestyle, books, and entertainment.

48. Time will fly by as you jot down your thoughts in a journal.

Design your future tattoo.

Plan a route past your favorite landmarks, a local park, or just around the neighborhood.

55. Then, later, you can have some beans. Bring a good book in there with you, if you don't mind it getting a tad damp.

Having an organized space helps you know what you have, and it helps you find things, and it helps you feel relaxed. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Movie theaters in New York outside NYC can reopen October 23, with limits, Where to find good, cheap pasta in every state. Slow down.

Clicking the red button will instantly take you to one of hundreds of interactive websites specially selected to alleviate boredom. Listen to a meditation video.


So go ahead and give it a try. From completing a jigsaw puzzle to conducting your own wine tasting, your quarantine-induced boredom will quickly become a thing of the past. Send it off to a loved one and wait for a response. Why not gather up all this garbage into a photo album? Instead of turning on Netflix, watch an online opera, ballet, or symphony.

It’ll feel good, whether it’s a 15 minute or hour-long session. Start with these easy cleaning tips or try a full schedule to tackle every inch of the house. Do you have a musical instrument around? It doesn’t technically have to be your birthday to enjoy watching a bunch of strangers sing to you. If you really want to go all out, roll out some sleeping bags and hang up some glow-in-the-dark stars for some sweet memories. Apply a soothing face mask.

35. Make homemade peeps. There are no doubt tons of files clogging up your computer that you downloaded a long time ago and have absolutely no use for. Take your pet to the park. Go ahead, DIY it. 51. 39. 34.

Why do we let time change us? Choose a healthy cookie recipe so you can feel good every time you reach for one. Or something else? Go through your favorite Pinterest board and see what hacks you can do around the house. So go on and get that serotonin. Can you imagine how impressed your friends will be once you reveal that you’ve taught yourself how to juggle?

20. Read a play, or write one. Play a video game. Choose a trending summer hue, add an interesting design, and finish it off with a shiny top coat. Using your smartphone, shoot a movie or re-create one using household props. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Take your lunch to the backyard or patio to get a little vitamin D while you indulge. Enjoy food outdoors.

Indoor stress-relief activities. What's the Argument for the Electoral College? Shop for new essentials.

Go shopping. Don't just daydream about getting away from it all.

Sing along to some Disney songs. Don’t you wish you had always journaled, so you could go back and read about how your life was five, ten, or fifteen years ago? Go ahead and organize that closet.

But tackling even the simplest task, like doing the dishes, can boost your mood immediately.

6. Do you have a future wildlife expert living among you? Go for a long walk. It looks as though you’ve already said that. 45. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Trust us, they’re disgusting. Start a book you’ve been meaning to read. Swap out your candles.

Instead of sitting around on your phone getting lost in the news and social media (and slowly losing your mind), pivot to some fun things you can do at home or in your own backyard. Deep clean your bathroom. From true crime to comedy, there are endless options to choose from. If the videos of cities in lockdown coming together to sing on their balconies left … Watch as many episodes as you want of your favorite show. Even if you’re not feeling sick, one of the best ways to give your immune system a boost during this pandemic is loads and loads of rest. 22. Below, we’ve gathered up 60 great spirit-lifting, boredom-busting ideas to try next time you’re feeling spiritless and bored.

Delight your mind with the writings of Jack Handey, or Samantha Irby.

When the shirts are dried, have an inside photoshoot and post the photos to Instagram. By creating an account, you accept the terms and No one ever has to read it.

Even if you don’t like podcasts, I bet this sounds pretty relaxing. Others are just inside, looking at the same walls they’ve been looking at for days, potentially alone, and feeling like nothing can pull them out of this funk. Watch all the “Best Picture” Oscar-winning films from the past decade. Go through the Oscar’s Best Picture winner list, choose what stands out to you, and pop the popcorn. You are posting comments too quickly.

White shoes pretty much go with every outfit, but only if they stay that way. Organize your kitchen.

Paint your nails. Start a new book. Try one of the best books of the year to transport yourself to another world. Then have one person start by writing a chapter, then hand to the next person to write chapter two, and so forth. We'll admit it, romantic comedies have stolen our hearts. Transform your living room into a movie theater with popcorn and snacks and marathon classic films, like Star Wars or Back to the Future! Already mastered the KonMari Method? Check out some YouTube tutorials on what the perfect stitch is for a circle scarf.

Calm your mind by taking 10 minutes or more to meditate and quiet your thoughts. 44. Tye dye T-shirts. 31.

It looks as though you’ve already said that. Let the sunshine in with these tips for the best results. Oh gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to have clean floors? Whether you need to stock up on more cleaning products or your bed is ready for new sheets, grab a notepad or your Notes app and take a lap around the house to see what you need.

Perform turn-down service for yourself. If someone created a drink after you, what would be in it? 30.

160. For a quick pick-me-up, apply a nourishing face mask.

Test your culinary skills by cooking an involved recipe like beef Wellington or coq au vin. Video sharing software like Zoom or Skype can be used to play online games with each other and extensions like Netflix Party can be used for a virtual movie night!

Tackle a trouble spot.

Wouldn’t cookies be good right now? Your skin deserves it. Slow down. Take this time to learn and perfect it so all your relatives will say it’s better than grandma’s by Christmas.

Make like Marie Kondo and spark some joy by reorganizing your closets and de-cluttering your surroundings. 33. And don't be afraid to swing by in the colder months — the crashing waves feel like the picture of zen. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Meet the Teams Competing on, Chris Watts' Confession Letters Reveal Horrifying Murder Details About His Slaying of Shanann Watts and Daughters, 22 Christmas Cookie Recipes To Bake This Year. Hit the beach. 32.

Organize all those papers. First, I’m sure your bathroom needs a good scrubbing. Head to the flea market. Cuddle with your pet. Use your free time to fix it. Or if the weather isn't cooperating, do the same in your own living room. Rotate in a fresh crop of family photos or add a pop of color with fresh or silk flowers. If it doesn’t bother your neighbors, pick up and learn a small instrument like the ukulele. Maybe just do it now.

You seem to be logged out. Try a new recipe. Sorry, comments are currently closed. Make note of the ones that work.

Thanks to apps like Duolingo, you can stretch your mental muscles wherever you are. You’re going to be surprised. Do one better and actually look up plane tickets and hotel rooms. If adventure is calling your name, load up Google Earth, type in your dream destination, and give yourself a virtual tour. Wash the floors. If you can't get out to the bookstore or want to lighten your load, try audiobooks for listening on the go. Turn off the TV and challenge the family to a board game. Need a laugh?

Related: 50+ Ways to Beat Cabin Fever During Coronavirus Social Distancing. If you keep a lot of scented candles in your home, chances are you store them seasonally, bringing out spring candles during the spring, winter candles during the winter, etc.

It'll take your mind off boredom, and completing a big puzzle feels great.

Admire the view. They’re looking pretty grimy. Reality shows are designed to keep you watching, which can be a boon for a bored brain. Why trust us?

Send a letter to a friend. Write a song. Make up a story about the grapes and how they ended up turning into wine. 3. 50 Things to Do When Bored. Knitting and embroidery are an awesome way to bring a personal touch to your wardrobe and home decor. But it’s a pretty …

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