In fairness, he received conflicting information from Pearl Harbor and his own staff. A storm delayed Enterprise on her return voyage to Hawaii. The situation was saved when Kurita retreated of his own accord after becoming concerned about the possibility of an aerial attack from Halsey's carriers. Following this promotion, Halsey began a long series of command assignments aboard torpedo boats and destroyers beginning with the USS DuPont. [16][full citation needed] The plane was shot down, and her pilot and crew were lost. The Imperial Japanese Navy was termed the "Orange Fleet". They proved fruitless, as it was not possible to secure sufficient funding to preserve the ship. I have worked under him for over two years and have the greatest admiration and respect for him. The order came as an awkward surprise to Halsey.

No explosion occurred, but the rapid burning of the powder burnt and suffocated to death 31 officers and enlisted sailors. When a reporter asked Halsey if he thought MacArthur's fleet (7th Fleet) would get to Tokyo first, the admiral grinned and answered "We're going there together."

Upon retirement, he joined the board of two subsidiaries of the International Telephone and Telegraph Company, including the American Cable and Radio Corporation, and served until 1957. The Battle off Cape Engaño resulted in Halsey's Third Fleet sinking all four of Ozawa's carriers. Returning home Halsey was asked about General MacArthur, who was not the easiest man to work with, and vied with the Navy over the conduct and management of the war in the Pacific. Other than the surprise raid at Pearl Harbor, no mission against such a target had ever been accomplished with carrier aircraft. Later, he led Allied naval forces to victory in the Guadalcanal Campaign. Naval intelligence had strongly ascertained that the Japanese were planning an attack on the central Pacific island of Midway. Pull yourself together."[15]. As Halsey's aircraft came to rest in Nouméa, a whaleboat came alongside carrying Ghormley's flag lieutenant.

[49][50] After lying in state in the Washington National Cathedral, he was interred on August 20, 1959, near his parents in Arlington National Cemetery. [47] Halsey made a goodwill flying trip, passing by Central and South America, covering nearly 28,000 miles (45,000 km) and 11 nations.

A single straggling destroyer was caught by Halsey's advance cruisers and destroyers, but the rest of Kurita's force was able to escape. "[12] He went on to command the USS Saratoga, and later the Naval Air Station Pensacola at Pensacola, Florida.

These forces were built around the remaining strength of the Japanese Navy, and comprised a total of 7 battleships and 16 cruisers. News of the change flashed and produced an immediate boost to morale with the beleaguered Marines, energizing his command. He had spent nearly all of the previous six months on the bridge of the carrier Enterprise, directing the Navy's counterstrikes.

Halsey made the momentous decision to take all available strength northwards to destroy the Japanese carrier forces, planning to strike them at dawn of October 25. "[10] Enterprise searched south and west of the Hawaiian islands for the Japanese attackers, but did not locate the six Japanese fleet carriers then retiring to the north and west. At the time of Halsey's promotion to rear admiral, both rear admirals lower half (O-7) and rear admirals upper half (O-8) wore two stars.

Naval intelligence indicated Wake Island would be the target of a Japanese surprise attack.

Many of the smaller ships had already been forced to do so. Following the typhoon a Navy court of inquiry was convened on board USS Cascade in the Naval base at Ulithi. By this time Third Fleet had lost three of its destroyers. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Kimmel had given Halsey "a free hand" to attack and destroy any Japanese military forces encountered. William Frederick Halsey, Jr. was born on October 30, 1882, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Desperate to block the Allied invasion of the Philippines, the commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet, Admiral Soemu Toyoda, devised a daring plan that called for most of his remaining ships to attack the landing force. William Halsey Jr. (October 30, 1882–August 16, 1959) was an American naval commander who achieved fame for his service during World War II. It was aimed at destroying the invasion shipping in the Leyte Gulf.

Under Halsey the fleet was designated Third Fleet and the Fast Carrier Task Force was designated "Task Force 38".

Then, shortly after 10:00 hours,[37] a message was received from Admiral Nimitz: "Where is repeat where is Task Force 34? He felt a "kinship" with his ancestors, including Captain John Halsey of colonial Massachusetts who served in the Royal Navy in Queen Anne's War from 1702 to 1713 where he raided French shipping. The term stems from pre-war planning, called the color plans because each nation included was given a color code name. He took command of the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga in 1935 after completing a course in naval aviation, and was promoted to the rank of rear admiral in 1938. Naval Academy. For the next three days Third Fleet conducted search and rescue operations, finally retiring to Ulithi on 22 December 1944. August 1959 auf Fishers Island, New York) war ein US amerikanischer Fleet Admiral und während des Zweiten Weltkriegs im Pazifik… [28] In April 1943, Halsey assigned Rear Admiral Marc Mitscher to become Commander Air, Solomon Islands, where he directed a mixed bag of army, navy, marine and New Zealand aircraft in the airwar over Guadalcanal and up the Solomons chain. Halsey cooled but continued to steam Third Fleet northward to close on Ozawa's Northern Force for a full hour after receiving the signal from Nimitz.

[56], Halsey never held the rank of lieutenant (junior grade), as he was appointed a full lieutenant after three years of service as an ensign. [27][page needed].

After the cessation of hostilities, Halsey, still aggressively cautious of Japanese kamikaze attacks, ordered Third Fleet to maintain a protective air cover with the following communiqué: Cessation of hostilities.War is over. The Guadalcanal campaign was at a critical juncture, with the 1st Marine Division, 11,000 men, under the command of Marine Major General Alexander Vandegrift holding on by a thread around Henderson Field. After being medically approved to return to duty, Halsey was named to command a carrier task force in the South Pacific Area. The "Big Blue Fleet" was the massive fleet that the U.S. Navy anticipated they would win the war with.

Halsey's command now included all ground, sea, and air forces in the South Pacific area.

5. Admiral William „Bull“ Halsey (1882–1959) kommandierte die US-Trägerflotte vor Leyte Quelle: picture alliance / CPA Media Co. Kommandeur der amerikanischen Task Force 34 war Halsey. Dezember 1941 erreichte die USS Enterprise den fast vollständig zerstörten Stützpunkt, Halsey erklärte einige Jahre später, dass dies der schlimmste Moment in seiner Karriere gewesen sei. This resulted in Halsey dreading the 13th of every month, especially when it fell on a Friday.[9]. During this time he commanded carrier divisions and served as the overall commander of the Aircraft Battle Force.

Halsey was aggressive and a risk taker. [10] Pacific Fleet commander Chester Nimitz had concluded that Ghormley had become dispirited and exhausted. To aid Spruance, who had no experience as the commander of a carrier force, Halsey sent along his irascible chief of staff, Captain Miles Browning. It was highly dangerous to the aircrews, and to the carriers as well. That September, his ships provided cover for the landings on Peleliu, before embarking on a series of damaging raids on Okinawa and Formosa. The next day, his planes succeeded in crushing Ozawa's force, but due to his pursuit he was out of position to support the invasion fleet. After interviewing Fletcher and reviewing his reports from the Coral Sea engagement, Nimitz was convinced that Fletcher's performance was sound, and he was given the responsibility of command in the defense of Midway.

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