Rather like a friction sticker made of cork. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Easy to replace. I would recommend a thin lube like the yoyojam thin oil. There are a variety of different tips that can be put on the hub stacks, including long tips, top tips (that turn your yoyo into a kind of spin top) and T stacks that offer a larger area to catch and hold the spinning yoyo. If you clean the bearing with the clip on and it is still responsive, then it is worth removing the clip.

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Dings spoil the appearance and performance of a yoyo. 'Advanced', 'professional' and 'competition' yo-yos will be highly unresponsive and are not suitable for beginners. Put the new string on your yoyo and let it hang so it just touches the floor.

How to stop your yo-yo side cap (pog) falling out. Take care not to scratch the yo-yo itself. With the Yoyojam yoyos, once you have managed to remove the clear plastic pog cover it is easy to replace the paper pog with the logo on it with whatever alternative you like. A bind is how you get and unresponsive yoyo like this – this is the YoyoFactory Whip, it is designed to play unresponsive like that – so you need to learn how to bind, because binding is how you get an unresponsive yoyo to wind up. Using Thick Yoyo Lube for Responsive Yoyos. This build-up of muck in the bearing can reduce the performance of your yo-yo over time and is easily fixed with a good clean. The owner then sits down, the yoyo is crushed, the owner notices. I recommend that binding be attempted once you are reasonably competent with a yoyo. The yoyojam Brain Oil is somewhere in between thick and thin.

Why does my yo-yo hang to one side when I throw it? When the yoyo is sleeping, this friction will be low, but if you tug the yoyo the string will tend to bundle against the sides of the yoyo and the friction from the starburst pattern will be enough to cause the yoyo string to wind back around the yoyo and so returns the yoyo to the hand. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. The best way to determine which yoyo is 'best' for you is to try it or at least read reviews and to seek the opinions of others. Place the bearing in a small glass container with a lid. Replace the bearing in the yo-yo and you should see a BIG difference!Some players like to use compressed air to blow any dirt out of a de-shielded bearing after cleaning. There are good links on the Links page from this site to some great online video trick archives which demonstrate binding very well indeed - I highly recommend the dif-spinners.com web site by the late, great Ryan Monson, aka Harry Houdini.Return to top, This is a very common complaint and 99 per cent of the time the problem lies not with the yo-yo, but with the player. Not usually a long term solustion but they might get you playing when you have run out of pads.Like the o-rings, you can sometimes use flowable silicone in a recessed yo-yo instead of a sticker. Finally, dings. Response systems cause the yoyo to return to the hand. They are all broadly the same and perform the same function. Like the o-rings, you can sometimes use flowable silicone in a recessed yo-yo instead of a sticker. The 'o-ring' is used in a yoyo to provide friction (response) between the yoyo and the yoyo string. In its 'neutral' state, the yoyo will not rotate any more. This might be a good thing on a yo-yo that is to be used for looping tricks, but for string tricks you really want a yo-yo that spins freely for the longest time possible. Ball bearing axles provide the lowest friction and so the greatest sleep times on a yo-yo.

They can be 'siliconed'.

Ball bearing axles provide the lowest friction and so the greatest sleep times on a yo-yo.Return to top, Hubstacks were developed (and I think patented) by Yoyofactory. The main types of yo-yo response systems are described below. You can insert a screwdriver or use a hook such as a bent paper clip or allen key and pull the cap off. I will answer these questions when I get time.... What are the different yo-yo string types? The term 'stock' used in a yo-yo description usually means it is fitted as standard. You can reduce the response by sanding the brake pad (not recommended unless you know what you are doing!). These include:1. A major factor is the axle type.A yo-yo with a wooden axle will not sleep for long, if at all. Different colour flowable silicones are available. One of the weak points of an aluminium yoyo is the joins between the axle and the yoyo halves. Long-lasting. below. A ding is when your yoyo hits something hard during play and dents or scratches. Another complication is that yo-yos are designed with different tricks in mind. Some people really get into long spin times but to me this is not as important as how a yo-yo plays. This is almost always due to the yo-yo hitting the ground or a hard object, breaking the auto-return mechanism. Return to top, Usually the pogs (side caps) on yo-yos can be removed. Most of this yoyo related maintenance has to do with yoyo bearings.

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For this reason, it is quite common practice to clean a yo-yo bearing to remove the grease applied during manufacture and replace it with something a little better. If your pog falls out, it should just push firmly back into place, ensuring it is inserted evenly and fully. If not, you can add thicker pads like the thick Dif-pad to make the pad stand proud of the inner surface of the yoyo and so provide more response. 6. Take care not to scratch the yo-yo itself. This hybrid mix of response systems provides a different feel that is popular with many players. This is the Yomega Brain. The Yomega brain lube is a medium lube. It is not always necessary to remove a ball bearing from a yoyo but if you need to and the bearing is too tightly fitted to be removed using just your fingers, here is a tip: wrap a wide rubber band around the yoyo bearing. Put your yoyo somewhere safe when not in use! The Duncan lube is pretty thick stuff. When you throw a yo-yo down, you expect it to return to your hand. Can be modified.Cons: Pads wear out. It is not generally recommended to run any bearing totally 'dry' since it will tend to wear out more quickly. Small gaps are more responsive and best for looping tricks. If you have not done that then there is no way for the brain mechanism to work, and it won’t come back automatically. without any oil or lube) - it is not good for it in the long term.

The response system is all the parts that make the yo-yo responsive. The time a yo-yo will sleep for (spin for) depends on many factors that affect the friction between the yoyo and the yoyo string and air. A Duncan brake pad is a shaped and cut piece of thin cork-based material with an adhesive backing. I.e. Check the pads are well fitted.4. Extremely slow to wear out. Do not contaminate the response system of any yo-yo with any lube or oil. If you wish to do this, please do so with care to yourself and your yo-yo. Changing the response system5. The shape is not so suited to looping tricks since the V shape means a wider yoyo which means less axial stability. If your yoyo has a ball-bearing or transaxle fitted, then yes, a tiny drop of oil (lube) will be beneficial. Many players prefer it. The most thorough solution is to clean your new yo-yo bearing then lightly oil or 'lube' the bearing with a very light (thin) oil such as sewing machine oil, or better still a yo-yo lube designed for the job. To help check if the yo-yo is imbalanced rather than just badly thrown:1. The best way to determine which yoyo is 'best' for you is to try it or at least read reviews and to seek the opinions of others. Pads do take time to wear in - typically a few hours of play. They are expensive, precision-made, delicately engineered works of art. In my opinion this is a bit more subtle than a starburst. Finally, dings. Like the starburst, it is not that easily modified.Modifications: Different types of o-rings (such as silicon o-rings) with differing levels of responsiveness are available. The twist in right-handed yoyo string is in a clockwise direction.

This project searches for the shortest Optimal Golumb Ruler of the length 28. Brake pads are made by Duncan and fit some of the Duncan range of yo-yos.

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