How to Get Out of Xfinity Mobile Contract

All right. I bought two phones from XM, I ported my old numbers to Tmobile, and now the people I call only see „Wireless Caller” as the caller ID. Many people don`t answer calls from unknown callers, which is a problem. I have discussed/spoken to two representatives of XM about this and they point out that this cannot be fixed. Apart from that, I was very satisfied with both the performance and the price of XM. How about a simple phone call? (this was the original use of the cell phone). Hands-free, of course. XM pushes Wi-Fi connectivity. They have many hot spots. BUT, they are useless if you are mobile (in a car) and not available everywhere.

No Comcast near you? Unfortunately, you are not entitled to the mobile offer. Instead, think of a service as Visible. Thanks for the detailed article Michael. I notice that you continue to talk about your contract with XFINITY in the past – can you explain why you are no longer with them? I was kind of about to make the decision to switch to XFINITY and save money. but this caller ID issue is a breaking factor for me. My friends and family won`t know that I`m the one calling? Definitely not hello, Michael – I just wanted to thank you for your comment. I was looking for a possible change from my sprint service and it was very helpful. I need to check with Sprint the buyback status of my current iPhones, i.e.

how much it would cost and where we are in our current contracts. Congratulations also on paying off your mortgage. I`m glad I found your site and will learn a lot from your savings tips! Well, until they have the option to send photos via MMS while they`re on Wi-Fi, this service doesn`t even deserve a star. Since mid-January, my wife couldn`t send photos via MMS when she was connected to Wi-Fi. When you talk to customer service, their response is that you „can`t send photos via MMS when you`re connected to Wi-Fi and most of your cellular data is being used.” This answer is OS because my phone with the same service has no problem sending photos via MMS while connected to Wi-Fi. It turns out that people with Android 9.0 (like my wife) or higher or new iPhones have this problem and ONLY with Xfinity Mobile. Change the provider and this problem will disappear. It looks like nothing more than a scam to force Xfinity mobile subscribers to use data to force them to buy larger plans. Considering the fact that the customer service lady specifically mentioned that my wife was considering an unlimited plan even though she was using 0.04GB of her 1GB plan. I would stay away until they prove it`s not a scam by fixing it.

The mobile hotspot is included with Xfinity Mobile at no additional cost. This way, you can connect using your mobile data to connect to the Internet. I`m switching from ATT to Xfinity Mobile. What exaggerated me was att`s international plan at $10 a day! I am an American customer and I travel internationally a few times a year. Xfinity mobile rates vary by country, but Italy, for example, is 10 cents per minute for calls, 10 cents per TEXT, and 10 cents per MB of data. When I travel, I turn off the data and never speak, so it`s only 10 cents per text instead of $10 a day, even for a single text with ATT. However, I`m confused by GSM (Europe and ATT) vs CDMA (Verizon), but Xfinity assures me that I don`t have to worry about my iPhone 6s and traveling to Europe. I hope they are right. 2) I frequently travel to Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai, so how awesome or unlocked the dual sim feature is on Xfinity`s iPhone XR and above models.

Does Xfinity use the eSim and leave/register the Nano Sim slot for customers who are fully utilized? In my experience or knowledge, the Nano Sim IF slot would be unlocked or fully available at the customer`s premises for flexible use for other carriers in the US or abroad, the smartest and the purchase of the phone device would be worth it. Only then can the customer take full advantage of dual SIM technology. As a sidebar, I`m also a T-Mobile customer with currently two other phones on their „Unlimited 55+” plan for $60 per month (place the name and billing on the account to someone who`s 55 or older – well, that`s me now). It`s a tough deal to beat, especially given the scale of T-Mo`s service expansion and customer extras. (If you or a loved one is in the military, then their „military” agreement, especially the most lines on the plan, is the best deal I`ve ever seen.) I have been a T-Mo customer for many years, simply because of the cost, excellent customer service, and every service improvement. Nevertheless, I tried XM and, like Michael, I was very satisfied with their service, especially their customer service. Like Michael and everyone else, I hated Comcast`s non-cell phone customer service, but I admit it`s getting better. The end result is that I`m ready to switch from one or two of my T-Mo lines to XM.

What is holding me back? It would be a good deal if it worked as advertised! I`ve had XM for over 18 months, but I`ll probably leave once the phones get paid. I live in an area where most carriers` cellular signals are quite weak, and I chose XM based on their claim that my problem would be solved with their voice over Wi-Fi service. The problem is that it doesn`t work and they can`t or won`t fix it. Trying to use vowf will result in a call abandonment rate of almost 100% once you answer the call. What`s the point of a phone if you can`t answer your calls? It still tries to use the cellular signal even though a much stronger Wi-Fi is available. Much worse, they deny that there is a problem with the system. They`ll send replacement SIM cards until hell freezes, and as a last resort, tell them to switch to airplane mode if you want to use Wi-Fi. .