Insurance Clause in Leave and License Agreement

And while the licensee turned to the licensor with the request to allow the licensee to occupy and temporarily use part of the said premises in the said building after he has, for example, . SQ. Ft. for the exercise of its business, on vacation and on the basis of a license for a short period. 17. This licence and this contract shall also terminate if the licensor transfers its business which it manages in the leased premises as a permanent company with the advantage of the rental rights in those leased premises and, in that case, the licensee clears the premises. 9. The key to the lock of the main entrance of the rented premises shall remain in the hands of the Licensor and the Licensor may retain the key to the lock of the Licensed Premises with it, the double key thereof remaining with the Licensee. 11. The Licensed Premises are provided to Licensee on a personal basis, and Licensee is not authorized to transfer the benefit of this Agreement to any third party, or licensee is not authorized to permit anyone to occupy the Premises or any part thereof. Licensee shall not be deemed to be in the exclusive occupation of the Licensed Premises and Licensor shall have the right to enter the Premises at any time during working hours in order to inspect the Premises. 10.

Authorised premises must be equipped with normal electrical appliances and luminaires. If the licensee wants additional accessories and furniture. the Licensee may do so at its own expense and in compliance with the Rules and with the prior authorization of the Licensor. Licensee must remove such accessories upon termination of the license, otherwise they will be deemed to be the property of licensor. 12. The licensee shall maintain the authorized premises in good condition and not cause damage to them. If the Licensee or any part thereof causes damage to the Premises or any part thereof by the Licensee or its employees, servants or agents, this shall be compensated by the Licensee at the Licensee`s expense either by repairing the damage or by paying a cash compensation determined by the Licensor`s architect. 14.

If licensee breaches any provision of this Agreement, Licensor has the right, notwithstanding the provisions contained herein, to terminate this Agreement with fifteen days` notice to Licensee. And considering that the Licensor has agreed to grant the Licensee permission and incense to occupy and use part of the aforementioned leased premises, and which part is indicated on the plan, supplemented by a red demarcation line and hereinafter referred to as licensed premises, on the following terms agreed between the parties, 1. Licensor hereby grants Licensee permission and license to use such Licensed Premises for months, but no longer than a total period of eleven months from the date of this Agreement. 4. The electricity and water costs for the consumption of electricity and water in such Licensed Premises shall be divided and paid separately by licensee to Licensor and shall bear the same share of the total costs to be paid by Licensor, which shall be borne by the area of the Licensed Premises, in relation to the total area of premises leased by Licensor. And while the premises mentioned admeasing on. SQ. Ft. and are in the name of the licensor as a monthly tenant in the file of the owner of said building and said rental is still valid and exists. 5.

Authorised premises shall be used only for commercial activities and for no other purpose. 16. Licensee shall not make any omission or commission prejudicial to the terms and conditions of the lease in favor of Licensor. 13. A licensee may not harass or harass people in the neighbourhood or store dangerous goods on authorized premises. The holiday and license agreement with respect to any part of the premises is now agreed by and between the parties as follows. – 7. The registered car brings its own furniture for office use, but no permanent installation is made in the mentioned premises.

3. All municipal taxes and other taxes and fees relating to authorized premises shall be paid by the licensor alone. 6. The above-mentioned authorised premises shall be delimited by a temporary division by the licensor and shall not be removed by the licensee. This Agreement is signed at the address. it. Day of. between Mr A of ………… hereinafter referred to as „Licensor of a Party and Lord.B of …… hereinafter referred to as the „licensee” of the other party, as follows – 2.

The Licensee shall pay the Licensor an amount of Rs. per month as a royalty or compensation in advance for each month from. Day of each month. . IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the participants put in their hands the day and year in which they were first written here. 18. At the end of such term or period of the license or its early termination. as noted above, Licensee shall assign to Licensor vacant and peaceful ownership of the Licensed Premises in the same condition as the Premises currently exist under normal wear and tear and by removing all of its furniture and other items brought into the Licensed Premises. The occupation of the premises by the licensee after such termination is deemed to be that of an intruder. Signed by the designated licensor, Mr.

A, in the presence of. 15. If, for any reason, the rental of the leased premises is actually or duly terminated in favour of the Licensor by the owner of such premises, the license granted to the Licensee will also be automatically terminated without the need to notify the Licensee. 8. The licensee, his servants, agents and visitors shall pay from the main entrance of the rented premises only during office hours, that is to say, from. (a.m. to. P.m.

except public holidays. The Licensee may only keep its office open outside office hours or on public holidays with the consent of the Licensor in a particular case. While the licensor is a tenant of an office space, room #2 on the . . .